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10 hot chocolate recipes to keep the cold out and the warm in

hot chocolate recipes

There's a definite nip in the air and with Halloween whizzing in on its broomstick shortly, we just know that colder weather is on its way with it. Time to start whipping up a hot chocolate recipe or two, we say!

1. Slow cooker coconut hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Hot Sweet Treats

This hot, sweet treat by Hot Sweet Treats will have the whole fam feeling toasty as a toasted coconut on a cold night. Never did we love our slow cooker more.

2. Rose and cardamom hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Rose Dose

If you love Turkish Delight then this is the hot chocolate winner for you. If you are not a fan, then not so much. Head over to Rose Dose for the full rosy recipe.

3. After Eight hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Women's Weekly Food

As the weather is feeling decidedly nippy, and After Eights are totes synonymous with winter, how about putting those little squares of delight to good use with this decadent recipe by Women's Weekly Food?

4. Dairy free hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photgraphy: Cook Nourish Bliss

This delectable number by Cook Nourish Bliss may be dairy free but it's far from taste free, plus it only take 10 mins to make. It's also vegan and gluten free which means it's guilt free too. Win, win, win.

5. French hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: A Spicy Perspective

While we're not entirely sure what makes it French exactly, this luxurious, uber chocolatey recipe by A Spicy Perspective definitely makes us go 'Oh la, laaaaaa!"

6. White hot chocolate recipe

Hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Super Golden Bakes

Treat the fam to a big mug of white hot chocolate using this divine recipe by Super Golden Bakes. In fact, it's more than just al-white: it's heaven!

7. Peanut butter hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Chocolate Moosey

Chocolate Moosey definitely does hot chocolate right when it comes to this nutty little number. It goes without saying that if someone in the house is allergic to nuts, this one is not for you!

8. Red velvet hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Imperial Sugar

Red velvet might feel more Christmas than Halloween, but this hot chocolate recipe by Imperial Sugar does put us in a jolly mood no matter the time of year.

9. Mars Bar hot chocolate recipe

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Linc's Flavours

Is it low calorie? No. Is it healthy? Also no. Is it ridiculously delish? Totally yes. Probably best to treat yo'self to this Mars Bar recipe by Linc's Flavours on a day when you're not counting calories.

10. Baileys Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate recipes
Photography: Baileys

Parents; you've survived all sorts being thrown at you this year from homeschooling to lockdown, so now that the weather is pants you totally deserve this boozy and oh-so-delish Baileys little number by, well, Baileys.

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