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Ready, steady, craft! Homeschooling craft ideas for the week ahead

Homeschooling craft ideas

There have definitely been homeschool highs and lows this week: we had fun baking some simple recipes, but we also had a tantrum or two over maths word problems (mostly mine). But as we keep plodding on with the learning from home thing, we're still very much at our happiest when there's a craft or two to get busy with, so here are some homeschooling craft ideas for the next week ahead...

Monday: Flamingo handprints

Homeschooling craft ideas
Photography: The Best Ideas for Kids

Party like a flock star at the craft table by whipping up these pink-tastic flamingo handprints with the kiddos. Fly over to The Best Ideas for Kids for the full lowdown.

Tuesday: Rock monsters

Homeschooling craft ideas
Photography: Makoodle

Three activities in one here: get outdoors on a scavenger hunt for cool rocks, and then bring them home and transform them into cute rock monsters (pictured above). Once they're all dry, take them to a local park and scatter them around for other kids to find. Exercise, craft and kindness all in one activity! We love these ones by Makoodle but we've also got a rather good guide to a whole heap of rock painting ideas on London for Kidz.

Wednesday: Galaxy jars

Homeschooling craft ideas
Photography: Momtastic

Momtastic knows a thing or two about making fantastic galaxy jars that are, quite frankly, out of this world.

Thursday: Minion bookmark

Homeschooling craft ideas
Photography: One Perfect Day Blog

Keep your little minions busy with this super cute minion bookmark craft by One Perfect Day Blog, and when you're done, why not snuggle down for a minion movie fest?

Friday: Salt dough suncatcher

Homeschooling craft ideas
Photography: Reality Daydream

There's not a whole heap of sun around right now to catch, but we live in hope that it will be making a reappearance soon. And we'll be ready for it with our gorgeous salt dough suncatchers when it does! Head over to Reality Daydream for full instructions and then get busy with your little ray of sunshine whipping up this colourful craft.

Still want some more craft inspo? Then try one of these activity guides:

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Top image: Makoodle

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