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School holiday inspiration: activity ideas for the May half term

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

activity ideas for the May half term

School holidays are upon us, and that means we get a whole week off from our new role as homeschooling teacher, and get to go back to being regular ol' mum or dad. But with lockdown still very much a thing, our usual go-to fun spots around London and the rest of the country are mostly off limits, so we've been busy thinking of other ways to keep boredom at bay. Turns out that the COVID-19 pandemic doesn't have to stop us from having a whole lot of fun with these activity ideas for the May half term...

Get outdoors for a scavenger hunt

With restrictions now lifted on how long we can spend outside, and the weather forecast set to be glorious, we love the idea of getting into the great outdoors for a fun-packed adventure with the kids. And what better way to keep the whole fam entertained than with a scavenger hunt? Create your own depending on your kiddos' ages, and where you intend to do the hunt, or try this lovely, free printable by Buddy & Buggy.

Set up camp in your back garden

activity ideas for the may school holidays
Photography: Millets

There are plenty of us who have had our real vacays cancelled because of the Corona crisis, so we're doing the best we can to bring our holiday closer to home instead. And while we can't give you a getaway to a Spanish beach, we can give you an adventure to Costa Del Backyard, camping style! Head over to this fab guide by Millets for the full lowdown on how to ace a night under the stars in your own garden.

Break out the craft box

activity ideas for may half term
Photography: Baker Ross

One thing we are not short of at London for Kidz is a craft guide: we have everything from toilet roll craft to cardboard box craft, rainbow craft to plastic bottle craft. And that's just for starters! We'll pop the links to some more at the bottom of this read. Art supplies at the ready, parents!

Set up a home cinema

Snuggle down with a big bowl of popcorn and some tasty snacks, shut the curtains, dim the lights, and whack on a host of family films sure to lift moods and give the whole family a case of the feel goods.

Create a home salon

Face masks (the beauty types, not the COVID-19 protection types), home pedicures, hairdressing and a makeover... set up your own home salon with the small humans and let them rummage in your makeup bag (make sure you take the good stuff out first), paint your nails, and do your hair. Return the favour, of course! The only facial we've had recently was from the steam off the iron, so being pampered by the kids sounds like a sweet deal to us.

Bake up a storm in the kitchen

activity ideas for may half term
Photography: Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

Call your mini master chefs to the kitchen and get busy baking up a treat storm. We know how hard it is to get your hands on certain baking ingredients right now, so try these recipes that have no need for elusive eggs and flour.

Challenge the family to a board game marathon

activity ideas for may half term
Photography: Tracy Tristram

We already know what board games we love best (we wrote a whole guide on our faves), and we're sure every family has its go-to's, so why not pull them all out of the cupboard and challenge the gang to a bit of friendly competition? Tissues at the ready to mop up any 'sore loser' tantrums...

Have fun, everyone!

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