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Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad

Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad

Father's Day is on 18th June, so definitely time to start coming up with some cool prezzie ideas from some of our favourite small businesses.

Animal sponsorship from Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

Father's Day presents
Photography: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

Whether you plump for Chewie the Alpaca, Tilly the Cat or Meeko the Raccoon, there are all kinds of rescued animals you can sponsor from this lovely sanctuary which you'll find nestled in the Essex countryside. Not sure which one to plump for? Then why not head down there on Father's Day so Dad can choose for himself - Dads and Grandads go FREE on the day plus there will be a beer tent and BBQ happening.

Cost: £30.00 per animal

Daddy Cool / Baby Cool tees

Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad
Photography: Betty Bramble

Is there anything more adorable than seeing daddy twin with his bubba? We think not, so we're loving this Daddy Cool with matching Baby Cool t-shirt (0-18 month sizes available) set by Betty Bramble. Too cool for school.

Cost: £30 per set

Personalised socks

Father's Day presents
Photography: Solesmith

Yes, socks might seem a standard kinda gift for dads when it comes to Father's Day presents, but we just know that he will love a one-of-a-kind pair designed just for him, or some fun novelty slogan numbers. Head over to Solesmith to pick up the perfect pair: we're especially digging the photo ones!

Cost: From £14.99 per pair

Daddy and me playdate tokens

Father's Day presents
Photography: Lily & Wonder

How adorable are these gorgeous sets by Lily & Wonder which include 10-15 tokens per set? They're personalised with Daddy and child's favourite play dates and are kept inside a cotton drawstring bag with names on it. Utterly delightful.

Cost: From £25.00 per set

Personalised sunrise photo

Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad
Photography: The Day That

If you are looking for a super special gift this year, then it doesn't get much more special than a beautiful, framed print by The Day That. Find your child's birthdate (or any other important date you have in mind) in its library, pick the sunrise photo you like best from that day, and get it framed and delivered in time for Father's Day. If the sentiment behind this doesn't bring an emosh tear to dad's eye, then we don't know what will!

Cost: From £40.00 (print only)

Hug in a box

Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad
Photography: Tamzenlundydesigns

As dads tend to be quite good at dishing out the bear hugs, here's a grrrr-eat prezzie by Tamzenlundydesigns to gift him from his little cubs: a bear hug in a box! Choose from a pirate, sailor or moustached hero but you've been warned: these adorable gifts are handmade and limited in numbers so get ordering, or end up feeling like a bear with a sore head if you miss out.

Cost: £8.61 for each hug

Blast Dad down the Thames

Father's Day
Photography: London for Kidz

Hold onto your hats people, because if you're looking for a super cool adventure in London with Dad then a Thames Rockets speedboat ride is IT. One of our all time fave things to do in London town, there isn't a Dad in the world who wouldn't love this as a Father's Day prezzie. Cost: From £49.95 per person

Personalised family portrait: welly style!

Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad
Photography: London for Kidz

We liked this gift idea so much, we ordered one for the dad behind London for Kidz! (Shhh: don't tell him). Head over to This Is Nessie to pick your own colours, names, etc and then sit back and wait for the finished, gorgeous portrait to arrive. Don't forget to include the fur kids!

Cost: From £19.50

Bar snacks

Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad
Photography: London for Kidz

We recently went nuts for these ethically sourced, delish bar snacks by Cajuu. We're talking proper tasty cashew products that are putting Tanzania on the map while also giving back to its cashew farming communities. It doesn't hurt that these are the yummiest cashews we ever did eat! Happy days.

Cost: Tube bundles from £10.50 each

A map of the world

Father's Day gift ideas for dad and grandad
Photography: London for Kidz

We've had our own gorgeous Future Mapping Company magnetic map for a while now, and we love throwing those magnets at it to find new places to learn about and to pop on the vacay bucket list. These are certainly not your old fuddy kinda maps, people: these stunners push the boundaries of map design and absolutely demand for a central spot on your wall. Fun fact: Joe Wicks, the body coach, has the same map as us and you'll often see it in the background of his PE lessons!

Cost: From £35.00

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