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Make your own ice pops! Easy ice lolly recipes for kids

ice lolly recipes for kids

We don't want to jinx this glorious weather, but it's been so beautifully sunny it's made us turn our minds to cooling down with one of these fabulous ice lolly recipes for kids...

Fresh fruit popsicles

Warning: these little beauts by The First Year Blog (pictured top) take some time to concoct (there's a fair bit of freezing by layers to contend with), but the end results are absolutely luscious. Patience is key!

Banana and raspberry smoothie pops

ice lolly recipes for kids
These little numbers will smooth(ie) the kid's mood over for sure. Photography: Tesco Real Food

If, like our kids, you have little ones constantly straining to hear the chimes of an ice cream van, distract them with these delish banana and raspberry smoothie pops by Tesco Real Food. Not only are they easy to make but they weigh in at only 80 calories per pop. Win, win.

Berry and gingernut yoghurt pops

ice lolly recipes for kids
Dessert heaven on a stick. Photography: BBC Good Food

What is this wizardry? A cheesecake / ice lolly hybrid, you say? So much YES PLEASE to these pretty little sticks of deliciousness by BBC Good Food. That bottom bit is gingernut biscuit, and the top part is a gorgeous mix of yoghurt, condensed milk and berries. #salivating

Fruit ice lolly

ice lolly recipes for kids
Feeling fruity! Photography: A Modo Mio

For a simple fruit ice lolly, because we know one fruit doesn't fit all (yes, we're talking about you, fussy kids), this recipe by A Modo Mio starts with basic ingredients, and gives you some fruity ideas to build on depending on taste buds and aforementioned fussy kids.

Banana and custard ice lollies

A classic, rather retro dessert gets an ice lolly overhaul in this mouth-watering banana and custard affair by Eats Amazing.

Rainbow ice lollies

ice lolly recipes for kids
Taste the rainbow! Photography: My Vega

Not only are these rainbow ice lollies by My Vega lovely to look at and delectable to eat, but they're also pretty darn healthy. The kids will never know they're being filled with secret greens! Don't forget to pop into our rainbow craft guide to go along with your rainbow sweet treat given that June is Pride Month!

Watermelon and kiwi popsicles

ice lolly recipes for kids
Tropical vibes in ice lolly form. Photography: Mommy Cooks

The weather right now definitely feels a tad tropical, so we're upping the sunny ante with these summery popsicles by Mommy Cooks.

Dairy-free banana and peanut butter popsicles

ice lolly recipes for kids London for Kidz
Go nuts with this ice lolly recipe! Photography: My Fussy Eater

This nutty little number by My Fussy Eater will definitely pack a delicious punch when it comes to a scrumptious treat. Hot tip: Add a dash (or two) of Baileys for a grown-up version! Obviously not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy!

Orange ice lollies

ice lolly recipes for kids London for Kidz
Orange loveliness. Photography: Nunu

We're certainly loving some of these fancy pants ice lolly recipe ideas, but sometimes it's simple that hits the spot. Try these easy peasy orange ice lollies by Nunu for a refreshing popsicle pick.

Paleo blueberry coconut ice lollies

ice lolly recipes for kids London for Kidz
You might have to fight the kids for these! Photography:

These gorgeous lollies by Vibrant Plate are paleo, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, but certainly not taste free! One will never be enough: nom, nom, nom.

Now, go whizz up an icy masterpiece and enjoy it in the garden!

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