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10 healthy smoothie recipes for fussy kids

smoothie recipes for kids

Hands up if you have fussy little eaters in your house. Now keep them in the air if those same cuties act like they're being murdered if you dare try and get them to eat something green or fruity. Who knew you could ruin a person's day by asking said person to eat a banana? Well, we've learnt to pick our food fights over the years, and besides whizzing up a load of healthy fruit into sneaky ice lolly form, we're also now dab hands at blending a whole lot of goodness into these delish, nutrish smoothie recipes for kids.

Paleo rainbow smoothies

Oh how we love a rainbow, so we're definitely loving those gorgeous, colourful smoothies by Paelo Hacks pictured up top. The kids are guaranteed to be so bowled over by how pretty they are that they'll happily slurp them down time and time again. They'll never suspect they're being bamboozled with the good stuff!

Sunshine smoothies

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: Annabel Karmel

We've tasted the rainbow, so now we're moving on to a big glass of sunshine. We love these smoothies so much by Annabel Karmel, that we always have one with the kiddos whenever we whizz them up. Bonus points for this being the perfect way to use up overripe bananas.

Mango, coconut and dragonfruit smoothie

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: Downshiftology

This one may have some rather fancy ingredients, but the finished smoothie is basically actual summer in a glass. You *could* also add a dash of rum for a grown up version... Head over to Downshiftology for the recipe lowdown.

Sunrise, purple magic and best green smoothies

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: Mom Trends

Pop on over to Momtrends for three awesome recipes that will appease even the fussiest of all fussies. Fact: drinks this pretty can only ever taste awesome, and even more so when they're served up in a mason jar.

Mango, banana and avocado smoothie

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: Kid Eats By Shanai

Patience is the name of this lovely smoothie game, because to get those pretty lines you're going to have to freeze between layers. Totes worth it, we promise. Kids Eat by Shanai has the full spinach, avocado, banana, mango, yoghurt and milk lowdown.

Healthy Pina Colada smoothie (no alcohol)

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: Gather for Bread

What with all our holiday plans to exotic beaches being shelved for now, we're bringing the tropics to our back garden with these delish Pina Colada smoothies. They're alcohol free, but that doesn't mean you can't add a dash of something rum-like for grownups! Visit Gather for Bread to get the full scrumptious deets.

Vegan peanut butter smoothie

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: The Spruce Eats

Whether you're vegan or not, these off-the-scale yummy peanut butter and banana smoothies by The Spruce Eats are just the treat the fam needs after a hard day at the dining table classroom.

Green smoothie

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: Sneaky Veg

This green smoothie by Sneaky Veg is indeed all about the sneaky healthy stuff! Packed with bananas, avocado and spinach, the kids will never know they're guzzling down a glass full of goodness.

Lemon berry smoothie

smoothie recipes for kids
Photography: True Lemon

These zesty little numbers are full of antioxidants so are perfect for a big dash of healthy for the whole family. We use fresh lemon juice as an ingredient alternative on this recipe by True Lemon. So much yum.

Blueberry muffin and peach cobbler oatmeal smoothies

Tired of serving up the same old things for brekkie every day? Shake up the cereal and toast routine with these delicious, nutritious oatmeal smoothies, guarantee to put everyone in a good mood for the day. These lovely ones by Five Heart Home are always a winner in our house.

Top image: Paleo Hacks

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