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Mother's Day craft ideas: DIY gifts for mummy

Mother's Day is this Sunday, folks (10th March 2024), and while we're sure, uh hum, the person in charge of prezzie buying has things well under control and a fab afternoon tea delivery sorted, but there's still time to break out the craft box and get the kiddos to whip up some of these gorgeous DIY gifts for mummy...

Playdough art

Combine a bit of squidgy, sensory play with a craft sesh and create some cool playdough words of love for mummy, like the ones pictured above. We've got a whole guide on making playdough if you want to go the homemade route.

Lolly stick love

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: Craft Project Ideas

We would definitely be happy with this cute Mother's Day craft being presented to us by the kids! Head over to Craft Project Ideas for the full deets. Oh, and if you have some lolly sticks left over, check out our guide to easy but delish ice lolly recipes!

DIY flower pot

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: I Heart Crafty Things

Mother's Day and flowers go hand-in-hand, and these DIY ones are, we think, blooming gorgeous. I Heart Crafty Things has the instructions.

DIY photo frame

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: First Palette

Homemade photo frames are the best kinda frames in our book. Now if we could just get a decent photo of the kids actually looking at the camera to put in it... First Palette is where you need to head on over to for the tutorial.

Candle in a teacup

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: Inhabitat

Older kids getting on your wick with their cries of boredom? Tip your teens out of bed and keep them busy with this adorable tea cup candle craft by Inhabitat, sure to be a big hit with mum.

Fork flower art

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: Super Simple

This pretty but effective fork flower art creation is super simple, which is why you should head to Super Simple for the 'how to make' lowdown.

Toilet roll pen holder

It wouldn't be a London for Kidz craft guide without a toilet roll craft thrown in! We love that colourful pen pot idea by Baker Ross, pictured top.

Pasta necklace

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: Momcaster

Put those dry pasta tubes to good use and whip up a necklace that might not cost the earth, but will certainly mean the world to mum. Momcaster has the instructions.

Mum rocks

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: Mermag Blog

Mermag Blog knows exactly how to rock a Mother's Day craft: with a Mother's Day rock craft! Need more rock painting inspo? We've got a whole guide of ideas for just that thing.

DIY Mother's Day card

Mother's Day craft ideas
Photography: Simple Everyday Mom

Now you have a plethora of DIY Mother's Day gifts and craft to be getting busy with, all you need to complete the fun is a DIY Mother's Day card. We love this prickly little number by Simple Everyday Mom.

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Top image: Baker Ross

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