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Xmas craft ideas for kids: DIY Christmas cards

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

DIY Christmas cards

We're keeping busy with our little elves by making our own DIY Christmas cards this year (right after we make our DIY Christmas advent calendars!).

Santa and Elf Xmas cards

Have your 'elf a merry little Christmas with these adorable Santa and elf cards (pictured top) by Arty Crafty Kids.

Snowmen Xmas cards

DIY Christmas cards
Photography: Easy Peasy & Fun

Do you wanna build a snowman? There might not be any snow around at the mo, but that doesn't mean we can't build snowmen out of card, thanks to Easy Peasy and Fun.

Sequinned Xmas cards

DIY Christmas cards
Photography: Darcie

How pretty are these festive little sequinned numbers by Darcie? Easy to make and gorgeous to look at, they're deffo a DIY Christmas card winner.

Candle Xmas cards

Light up your DIY Christmas card repertoire with this lovely candle craft by Crea Bea Cards.

String art Xmas cards

DIY Christmas cards
Photography: Hello, Wonderful

Rustle around your cupboards for some string, head over to Hello, Wonderful for the 'how to make' lowdown, and then get busy with the kiddos whipping up these cute cards.

Gingerbread Xmas cards

DIY Christmas cards
Photography: I Heart Crafty Things

Now here's a sweet Xmas card idea by I Heart Crafty Things that we can't get enough of: DIY gingerbread houses!

Reindeer Xmas cards

DIY Christmas cards
Photography: Stay & Roam

How darling and deer are these DIY Christmas cards by Stay & Roam? They're super easy to make too: win, win.

Pop-up Xmas cards

Paper Magic knows a thing or two about cute card craft, and this Xmas tree number has us feeling especially festive.

Nativity Xmas cards

DIY Christmas cards
Photography: Pitter & Glink

If it's traditional that floats your DIY Christmas card boat, then this nativity scene ticks the festive box. Follow the star over to Pitter and Glink for all the deets.

Enjoy this read? Here are some more to put you in a festive mood:

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Top image: Arty Crafty Kids

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