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Countdown to Xmas with these DIY advent calendars

DIY advent calendars

Christmas can't actually come soon enough this year: it's been a doozy that's for sure, and we're totally putting our tree up early. Heck, we've even looking forward to Elf on the Shelf pitching up in the house to annoy us! So, to get us in the mood, we've been thinking about keeping ourselves busy with our own small elves and whipping up a DIY advent calendar...

Paper cup advent

DIY advent calendars
Photography: Pretty Little Party

Here's a cute way to recycle your cups: a paper cup advent. Head over to Pretty Little Party Shop for its adorable tutorial.

Match box advent

DIY advent calendars
Photography: I Am A

With free printables, this easy peasy match box advent by I Am A will light up your December for sure.

Advent in a jar

DIY advent calendars
Photography: White Gunpowder

Now here's a DIY advent calendar idea that makes for a cool Yule: advent in a jar! Pop over to White Gunpowder to get the deets.

Fabric Santa advent

DIY advent calendars
Photography: The Crafty Gentleman

Perfect for older kids (or mum/dad), this Santa advent is pretty darn jolly. The Crafty Gentleman is where you'll need to take a sleigh-ride to to get the lowdown.

Half craft, half cheat advent

See that lovely advent at the top? Well, it's a bit of craft AND a bit of cheat all rolled into one. You'll need to order the drawers (the cheat part), and then head to Fun 365 for the crafty part!

Xmas tree advent

DIY advent calendars
Photography: Momtastic

This fantastic advent by Momtastic is super easy to make and sure to be a big hit with the whole fam.

Branch advent

DIY advent calendars
Photography: The Thud

If it's rustic but effective you're after, then look no further than this gorgeous advent created by The Thud. Plus, this one gives you a good excuse to get the famalam out and about looking for a cool branch for the project.

Have fun, folks!

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Top image: Fun 365

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