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Rock on! 10 rock painting ideas for kids

Unless you've been living under a parenting rock, you'll be in the full throes of February half term right now. So how are we going to keep these little mischief makers busy this week? Well, aside from some cardboard box craft and a gardening project or two, we're also going to start turning stones into everything from sharks to Minions. Here's 10 cool rock painting ideas for kids to get the arty party started...

1. Cactus rocks

These cute little fellas (pictured top) by The Best Ideas for Kids are anything but prickly to make and a whole lot easier to look after than a real bunch of plants.

2. Minion rocks

Keep your little minions busy by getting them to paint a gang of Minion mates. This video by Queen YT is where you'll get the full yellow lowdown.

3. Narwhal rock

rock painting ideas for kids
Photography: Ruffles and Rainboots

Cuteness overload! Pop over to Ruffles and Rainboots to find out how to create your own Kawaii-inspired narwhal rock.

4. Kindness rocks (indeed it does)

rock painting ideas for kids
Photography: Big Life Journal

We don't know about you but we've not only loved seeing all the rainbows decorating the 'hood during these crazy COVID times, but we've also loved finding motivational rocks left for us to discover outside people's houses and in the park. We're going to whip up a batch of our own using these snazzy little numbers as inspo by Big Life Journal.

5. Tic-tac-toe rocks

rock painting ideas for kids
Photography: Where the Smiles Have Been

This tic-tac-toe rock game by Where the Smiles Have Been is not only fun to make, but the fun keeps on coming with an end result you can pull out the bag when the kids are complaining they're as bored as stones.

6. Monster rocks

rock painting ideas for kids
Photography: Makoodle

Three activities in one here: get outdoors on a scavenger hunt for cool rocks, and then bring them home and transform them into cute rock monsters. Once they're all dry, take them to a local park and scatter them around for other kids to find. Exercise, craft and kindness all in one activity! Head over to Makoodle for all the rocky inspo.

7. Shark rocks

rock painting ideas for kids
Photography: Sustain My Craft Habit

Sink your teeth into this rock painting project by Sustain My Craft Habit and then, once lockdown is over, take your new fin-tastic friend to the seaside.

8. Ladybug rocks

rock painting ideas for kids
Photography: The Craft Train

All aboard The Craft Train for the tutorial on how to create these adorable little ladybug rocks!

9. Fish rocks

rock painting ideas for kids
Photography: Practical Frugality

There's something a little bit fishy about this craft by Practical Frugality, but we think your little nippers will love creating these colourful, aquatic pets. And once you're done, head over to our cardboard box craft guide where you'll find deets on making an aquarium.

10. Dragon eye rocks

We're finishing off our rock pile with a red hot idea that older kids will love: dragon eyes! Follow this roar-some tutorial by Anna Moon Fine Art to save the teens going up in a puff of boredom smoke during half term.

Top image: The Best Ideas for Kids

Need more ideas? Then hop into one of these activity-packed guides:

Don't forget to also follow us for more adventures over on Instagram and Facebook! Happy holidays, people!

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