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COVID-19 crisis: 20 things we can't wait to do after lockdown!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Never in the history of ever has there been a time that we have been more aware of all the things we took for granted before the COVID-19 crisis got us all locked down. Here's what we can't wait to do once self-isolating and social distancing is over and we burst out of our front doors (probably doing the can-can) again...

1. Hug family and friends (that we don't live with)

Ach, how much do we miss our family and friends right now? And how amazing is it going to be when we can all get together without a window between us again. We're also looking forward to having a large gin with our sister in laws to see how they really fared at home with our brothers through this...

2. Go to the hairdressers

things to do after lockdown
Oh to have a good hair day again!

With roots now going for the world record in length and fugliness, the day the hairdressers reopen will be a day for a celebratory, freshly groomed jig indeed. Also it will be nice to not have to cover the mirrors anymore for fear of thinking a grey-haired old lady has broken into the house upon sight of one's current reflection.

3. Have a pint

Of course we can all have a pint in the house (and yes, there has been a fair bit of pint drinking going on), but having a pint in a pub? Bring on that cold, frothy loveliness. Preferably a pub sans kids (we'll ditch those little critters with their grandparents).

4. Head out for dinner

Anyone else sick of their own cooking? Imagine how good that first meal out in a real restaurant is going to be. And the best part? No washing up.

5. Jet away

things to do after lockdown
We can't wait to get to a beach once this is all over.

We'll be honest, we've faired pretty well so far during all of this, but our cancelled holidays have left us a little blue. Beaches: we're coming for you. We might need to buy a bigger bikini first though, not to mention the definite need for a trip to the beauty salon and a whole bucket of wax.

6. Make an appointment at a beauty salon

Besides that vat of wax, we also need our caveman eyebrows sorted, our knackered mum faces massaged and our raggedy nails fixed and painted. A bit of botox wouldn't go amiss either.

7. Drop the kids off at school

Never ever was 'being a teacher' on the radar, so five weeks into this homeschooling lark, we'll never take dropping the kiddos off at the school gate for granted again. Real teachers: you should all be on Her Maj's New Year Honours List.

8. Wave the other half off to work

Likewise, while we love our other halves dearly, having them hog all the internet while WFH and questioning how much coffee we drink on a daily basis is, erm, challenging.

9. Go on weekend adventures

things to do after lockdown
Bring on the ice creams!

As a family we love nothing better than loading the car up at the weekend with dogs, kids and a whole lotta crap we probably won't use, before heading to the coast/country parks/forests/anywhere that is not our back garden. Also ice cream. So much ice cream.

10. Pick up a bargain at a boot sale

Having just moved house, and actually having just moved back to the UK after an 11 year stint in Asia, we were really looking forward to rummage season at all the local boot sales. Once they're up and running again we'll be there, real money in hand (none of this contactless business), looking for a whole heap of stuff we probably don't need.

11. Head out on the tiles with the girls

things to do after lockdown
Drinking cocktails with the laydeez? So much yes.

Girl's nights, we miss you! Along with free flow Prosecco and cocktails, shimmying to 90s anthems on a makeshift dance floor, and stumbling home a little worse for wear after cackling with our mum mates for hours on end. Heck, we even miss the hangovers.

12. Not be parents for a wee while

Likewise, we also miss hanging out with the husband/wife/partner on a real date night. You remember? The ones where the kids weren't there to steal the fries from your plate, kick their brother under the table and have a tantrum because the chicken nuggets were not the right kind.

13. Drink 'real' coffee

things to do after lockdown
Come to us barista-made coffee...

We've been managing our caffeine cravings fairly well at home, but a frothy cup of loveliness created by an actual barista had us at hello. Kids: you can have all the babyccinos you want.

14. Feel less anxious

We're trying our best to manage our anxiety levels, and we're all about these mindfulness apps right now, but the truth is that life in the times of Corona is just jam packed with worry. We can't wait to not have to panic that one of the kids is going to break themselves and need a trip to A&E or that our less-than-spring-chicken parents are going to get the virus. And we're definitely going to be celebrating the time that we can go to a supermarket without masks, gloves and a constant feeling of impending doom.

15. Cough in public without fear of being lynched

Is it just us that has an overwhelming urge to cough as soon as we are on our bi-monthly supermarket trolley dash? Hand's up who has nearly given themselves a hernia trying to quell an innocent little cough while out and about? And what is it with the constant need to touch our 'suddenly itchy all the time face' the moment we step out of the front door?

16. Celebrate birthdays

We've had no less than three birthdays here at London for Kidz HQ during the past five weeks. There's been cake, balloons and candles to blow out, but the real birthday celebrations were cancelled and the fun-packed party plans shelved. There's gonna be a whole lotta post-b'day celebrating going on once this is all over. Bring it on! Also: play dates. We miss play dates. Especially the ones where there is wine and good mum mates to chat to while the kids play.

17. Let the dogs run off lead

things to do after lockdown
Run and be free (for half an hour, anyway), hounds!

Anyone else have a dog who plain ol' isn't interested in social distancing? Our own hounds don't get it at all, so their walks these days involve being on their leads at all times. Disentangling them from the other dogs/footballs/owners/passers-by with tasty snacks at the park is a no, no right now, so we can't wait for them to be let off for a good run post-lockdown.

18. Not have to be an entertainment manager all the time

Lockdown has certainly been full of highs and lows, and most of the highs for the kids at least have come from our constant overseeing of activities. It's been exhausting. Someone is always bored in the house, and it always seems to be our job to sort that out. We can't wait to be bored ourselves.

19. Get back to the gym

things to do after lockdown
We can't wait to get back into shape. A shape that is not round.

Lockdown has not been good for our waistline. The lbs have piled on, and what with the beast-brows, ragged nails, horrendous hair and knackered skin, we're not feeling our sunny best right now. Bring on the body pump and the exercise endorphins! Easter didn't help...

20. Everything going back to normal

It's going to be a different kind of normal, and chances our, like us, you'll never take all the normal for granted again. Not only can we not wait to get on with all the above norms, but we're also looking forward to the cinema, theatres, playgrounds, soft play, watching sport, playing sport, commuting, chatting with colleagues, driving somewhere that isn't the supermarket, popping out, shopping malls, small shops, big shops, all the shops, picnics, zoos, theme parks and a million other things.

But until then, smile, wave and have a locked down large glass of something. Or two. You've got this. We all have.

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