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Eggstraordinarily easy recipes for Easter treats

We've found Easter basket loads of easy recipes to keep you and your little chicks busy (and full up!) all through Easter…

Easter No-Bake Mini Cheescakes

No bake, no fuss and plenty of taste: these beautiful Easter treats by SugarHero (pictured above) will definitely make you a hero when you serve them up to the fam!

Hot Cross Buns

You definitely won't be cross when it comes to whipping these delicious buns of delight up (unless you can't get hold of eggs and flour right now, that is!). We'll be honest, we like to think of ourselves as Hot Cross Bun connoisseurs, and we love, love, love these ones by Mary Berry via BBC Food. All the mmmmm's.

Easter Cheesecake Macarons

Easter treats
Photography: Baked By An Introvert

Follow this recipe by Baked By An Introvert and you'll be in the family's good books not only through Easter, but probably all the way until Christmas! So. Darn. Delish.

Easter Oreo Bark

Easter treats
Photography: Lil' Luna

For a sweet tooth fix that the kids will love making as much as they love eating, you can't go wrong with an Easter Oreo Bark by Lil' Luna.

Marbled Egg Sugar Cookies

Easter treats
Photography: Good Housekeeping

These sugar cookies by Good Housekeeping are well worth sacrificing some of your egg and flour stash for, and kids will have a blast decorating these little beauts. Food and craft all in one hit!

Mini Egg Cookie Bars

easter recipes
Photography: Jane's Patisserie

One of our fave things about Easter? Mini Eggs! So this recipe by Jane's Patisserie ticks all the Easter treat boxes for us a million times over.

Easter Deviled Eggs

Easter treats
Photography; Natasha's Kitchen

Looking for a delish Easter delight that doesn't pack quite such a sugar punch? Then these egg-cellent deviled eggs by Natasha's Kitchen really are crackin'.

Easter Egg Popcorn Bars

Easter treats
Photography: Keat's Eats

Bake yourselves some super yum popcorn bars using this Keat's Eats recipe, and then snuggle down with your ickle chickadees for a movie marathon. Our suggestion? Jump into our guide to Easter and rabbit-themed films to make the viewing an egg-stra hoppy one.

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Top image: SugarHero

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