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25 things to do in the Easter holidays

While it might feel like it's just nanoseconds since the kids went back to school after the homeschool shenanigans, we're still getting eggcited about all the fun things we have planned with our little bunnies during the school hollibobs. And, yep, our Easter vacays might have been cancelled (boooo), we've still got plenty of things to do in the Easter holidays to keep us busy with (hooray!)...

  1. Make an Easter bonnet with the kids and have your own parade at home.

  2. Order afternoon tea, wear those bonnets and have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

  3. As it is Women's History Month, spend some time researching some kickass females with your sons and daughters, starting with these inspirational ladies.

  4. Turn cardboard boxes into fish tanks and trains.

  5. The weather is getting warmer, so stock up the freezer with homemade ice lollies.

  6. Cosy up for an afternoon watching bunny and Easter-themed movies.

  7. Download our Easter scavenger hunt free printable for a sweet adventure.

  8. Download our outdoor scavenger hunt free printable, and get outside and tick off the list.

  9. Download our indoor scavenger hunt free printable, and stay home and tick off the list.

  10. Download our rainbow scavenger hunt free printable to bring some colour to the day.

  11. Discover Geocaching: it's fun, it's free and it's fab for the whole fam.

  12. Write and illustrate your own stories, using these awesome picture books as inspo.

  13. Get into the garden and take on a green-fingered project.

  14. Break out the googly eyes for these eggcellent Easter crafts.

  15. Put your blanket fort building skills to the test and turn your living room into a camp.

  16. Create your own Easter egg hunt. BBC Goodfood has some top tips.

  17. Decorate some rocks and leave them dotted around your local park for other kids to find.

  18. Whip up some sweet treats for Easter.

  19. Head to your nearest country park and have a picnic.

  20. If you can't beat them, join them: get the kids to teach you their fave video games. What takes longer than a child telling you about Fornite? Nothing. Absolutely nothing #lol.

  21. Keep busy minds buzzing with these fun-packed STEAM-inspired crafts.

  22. Think of ways you can be more eco-friendly as a family, starting with these 10 ideas.

  23. Tip your older kids out of bed and keep them active with some life skill lessons.

  24. Research your family tree: it can turn into quite the adventure delving into the past!

  25. Put your feet up, get the kids to make you a hot chocolate and binge watch these TV shows: you deserve it, parents.

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