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Green fingers at the ready! Nature and gardening projects for kids

Nature and gardening projects for kids

Hey, you there, parents! Give yourselves a big pat on the back and a round of applause: a whole year into this crazy covid malarkey we're all still plodding through with a smile on our faces, doing our best with keeping busy in lockdown, breaking out all the board games and rustling up easy recipes with the kids. We've got this. But now that Spring is here and we've got another round of school holidays coming up, we're not gonna lie to you: locking down seems tougher right now. Fear not, people. We've got these awesome green-fingered projects up our sleeves so clear the diary (shouldn't be too hard) and get busy with these nature and gardening projects for kids!

Create your own Fairy Garden

Gardening projects for kids
Create your own enchanted garden. Photography: The Magic Onions

Whether your garden is a window box or acres of land, a fairy garden is easy to make no matter how much space you have (or don't have). Collect twigs to make fences, stones to make paths, get busy with ribbons and glitter and then transform either a space next to a tree or wall in your garden, or even use a box or old ice cream tub to weave some fairy garden magic. We've seen fairy gardens made from tea cups, plant pots, and even old boots! The only limits are your imagination. We really like this plant tub idea by The Magic Onions if you're looking for some inspo.

Make your own compost

Nature and gardening projects for kids
Composting makes for a great homeschooling idea!

The best time to start making your own compost happens to be Spring. Which is pretty handy given that Spring has literally just sprung. This is a green-fingered project the kids can learn from all the way through until Autumn, which is when your compost will be ready. Not only will it help you as a family reduce waste, but it's also a valuable homeschooling opportunity when it comes to the natural cycle of growth and decay. Win, win. We have kickstarted our own composting project using easy instructions by BBC Gardening.

Get your little bugs to make a bug box

gardening for kids
Nature lessons in your own garden: bug boxes! Photography: Gardener's World

Little critters will love whipping up their very own bug box, and this is another one that doesn't need bundles of space. Dig a box out of your recycling bin and fill it with stones, pine cones, twigs, grass, sticks, broken plant pots: whatever you can get your hands on that might make a nice hidey hole for a bug or two. Leave it in your garden, on your balcony or even on a window box, and see what crawls in! If you want to up the bug box ante by a few levels, and you have a handyman or woman in the fam, then we're loving this project by Gardener's World.

Everything is awesome with a Lego planter

gardening for kids
Lego planter fun! Photography: Hello Wonderful

Get your little Master Builder on the case to build their very own planter using nothing but a pile of humble Lego bricks. Bright, colourful, and definitely awesome, we snagged this idea from Hello Wonderful.

Crack into an egg-cellent garden project

Combine Easter craft and gardening for kids with this crackin' little project! Follow instructions by Bloesem Kids and get busy growing your own cress. Eggsceptionally good fun.

Turn your jars into DIY plant pots

Gardening for kids
Face plant! Or should it be plant face? Either way works. Photography: Hello Wonderful

Chances are you've got a fair few old jars and food pots lurking around that are just crying out for a bit of upcycling TLC. Hello Wonderful has some fun instructions to get you started with your green-fingered masterpieces.

Put some welly into a quirky planter

Boot the family into action with this cute gardening project. Photography: David Domoney

With the worst of the winter weather seemingly over, you may well have an outgrown welly or two that can be transformed into a cute Spring project. An adult will need to be involved for the drilling part, but it turns out it's actually very easy to turn a wellington boot into a planter. Head over to David Domoney to find out how it's done.

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