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How to make your own slime: 5 fun ideas to try in the school holidays

Kids are, we think it's fair to say, sticky little things most of the time, so we're embracing their ick and creating a fun project for the school holidays we know they'll be on board with: slime making! Here's 5 'how to make slime' recipes to get you started with...

1. Fluff slime

how to make slime
Photography: The Best Ideas for Kids

Fluff and slime all in one hit? So much 'hell, yeah!'. Hop over to The Best Ideas for Kids for deets on how to make this colourful fluffy slime number.

2. Edible marshmallow slime

how to make slime
Photography: This Happy Mommy

Keep the kids with a sweet treat that combines a cooking lesson with a science lesson by whipping up this delish, edible marshmallow slime by This Happy Mommy.

3. Glitter slime

how to make slime
Photography: Kindercraze

Add some sparkle to the school holidays with this glitter slime recipe by Kindercraze.

4. Butter slime

You don't have to spread yourself thin when it comes to a cool crafternoon with the kiddos: just watch this vid by The Artful Parent and then get busy making your own butter slime.

5. Textured slime

how to make slime
Photography: Maddie Rae's Slime Making

Polystyrene balls + cornstarch + glue + a bit of food colouring = this slimetastic textured goo from Maddie Rae’s Slime Making tutorial.

Like this story? Here are even more ideas for the weeks ahead!

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