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Boredom busters: easy art and craft ideas for kids

art and craft activities

As we finish what seems like week elventybillionth of homeschooling, we're still coming up with plenty of ways to keep boredom at bay, and art and craft activities seem to be part of the winning formula for happy kids and happy parents. Here's some more to keep the famalam busy with...

Silly paint smash monster puppets

Keep your small monsters busy with this easy peasy craft (pictured top) by I Heart Crafty Things, and then get your wee ghouls to come up with their own little puppet show. Huge fun factor all round!

Shaving cream marbled art

If this lovely, colourful art and craft activity doesn't deserve pride of place on the fridge once it's done, then we don't know what does. Pop over to Hello, Wonderful for full deets once you've watched the vid and then get busy with your rainbows.

Paper plate snail

art and craft activities
Photography: Toots Mom Is Tired

We've been learning about garden bugs and crawlies in our own homeschool eco lessons recently, so we love this cute little critter by Toots Mom Is Tired. Plus it won't eat the veggies we've been diligently growing all year!

DIY suncatchers

art and craft activities
Photography: Babble Dabble Do

These gorgeous suncatchers by Babble Dabble Do are perfect when it comes to keeping your eight to twelve year old kiddos busy. Of course, you will need the sun to reappear before you can catch it: it seems to have gone into hiding of late!

Batman and Robin toilet roll craft

art and craft activities
Photography: The Craft Train

We've already given you a whole guide on loo roll art activities, but we are love, love, loving this Batman and Robin duo by The Craft Train. Toilet rolls at the ready!

Top image: I Heart Crafty Things

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