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Educational craft ideas for tots to teens

Educational craft

With dining room classrooms in full swing for most children in the UK again, and with no real clue as to when this homeschooling lark is going to come to an end, we're still thinking of fun ways to ward of tantrums and make this gig as easy as possible. At London for Kidz HQ, craft always seems to be an easy win when it comes to filling our days, so what better kinda craft to keep busy with than educational craft?

Recycled junk-bots

Educational craft
Photography: Science Buddies

A craft that combines science and a chance to teach the kids the value of recycling is a definite win in our books, so we can't wait to whip up these junk-bots using little more than a loo roll and a plastic bottle! Check out the full lowdown over at Science Buddies.

Four seasons tree craft

Educational craft
Photography: Easy Peasy & Fun

No matter what your fave season is, this lovely educational craft for younger kids is a breeze. Head over to Easy Peasy & Fun for a free template to get you started with.

DIY spectroscope

Educational craft
Photography: Kiwi & Co

Science is everywhere and there's tons of learning experiences to be had at home when combined with a little bit of educational craft. We're big on rainbows right now, so get the kids making their own spectroscope: an instrument used to split light into different wavelengths which, in basic terms, means we can see all the different colours of a rainbow. Try these instructions by Kiwi Co and be on stand-by for the trickier parts your small scientists might need a hand with.

Solar system

Educational craft

Here's an educational craft that's out of this world: your very own solar system! We like this one by Fevicreate for a relatively easy but super effective space number. Before you start whipping up your own galaxy, extend the learning opp by watching this awesome vid for kids: The Solar System Song by A.J. Jenkins.

Butterfly life cycle

Educational craft
Photography: Buggy & Buddy

This Buggy and Buddy butterfly life cycle craft is a fun way of learning how a caterpillar transforms itself: don't forget to also hop into our guide to green-fingered gardening projects if you want to take the nature theme a step further.

Wind powered car

Turn the kids into mini engineers with this fun-packed STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) project by Science Buddies! Up the craft ante by getting everyone in the fam to make one, and then have a race.

Paper plate fractions

Educational craft
Photography: Crafts by Amanda

Fractions are made fun with this fruity little paper plate activity by Crafts by Amanda. We never were much good at maths, so we're on board with any kind of project that makes things easier for the kids AND us!

Lockdown scrap book

Educational craft
Photography: Kidadl

2020 was quite the year, and 2021 hasn't gotten off to the easiest of starts, so we're sure that most kids have got a whole ton of thoughts and feelings to put into a scrapbook to help them make sense of these crazy times. Head over to Kidadl for a ton of great ideas to build a whole book of memories with.

Alphabet bingo

Educational craft
Photography: Jennifer Liane

Tiny tots will not only love helping to make this alphabet bingo game by Jennifer Liane, but they'll love playing it too. They'll be enjoying their little selves so much that they won't even realise they're being homeschooled at all!

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