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Looking on the bright side: the pros of lockdown

the pros of lockdown

Well, here we are again. Lockdown. And while it's not quite as strict as 1.0 (school's open for starters: woohoo!), 2.0 is still something none of us especially want to go through. Hey ho: we're in it to win it, and once covid's ass has been well and truly kicked, we'll look back at this and be proud of ourselves for keeping our cool (mostly), eeking out our toilet roll supplies and filling our days with some really rather fun activities. In the meantime though, on day one of this, we've been thinking of some of the pros that this spell of confinement will bring our way...

No one will care what you look like

While we're staying home with just the other half, kids and pets to keep us company, we're not going to worry too much about hairy legs, mascara, bad roots and painted nails. Our skin and hair will thank us for it for sure! Not to mention our wallets.

More chitter chatter!

We can honestly say we've never talked and messaged so much with friends and family since this social distancing business began. WhatsApp is in overdrive and we've even figured out how to use group video call. We love, love, love how people are all looking out for one another, and how 'checking in' is becoming a much more regular occurrence. Stay connected, people.

Less travel, less pollution

We've all seen the memes - while the world is on lockdown, it's giving the planet some time to heal. With planes grounded, no commuting to be done and shopping malls closed, our carbon footprints will be shrinking.

Less crime

With pubs and clubs closed down for now, emergency services will most definitely have less alcohol fuelled incidents to attend to out there on the streets. In fact, we're hoping that crime in general will go down as a consequence of people plain old staying home.

You'll have a new appreciation of the great outdoors

We all take Mother Nature for granted, but now we're all so limited in how and when we get outside, we'll definitely notice through new eyes the blueness of the sky, how smooth stones are and the dazzling colours of our surrounds. Never will a duck quacking have been so charming. Just be careful when you do outside that you are still social distancing... that means being at least two metres from other people.

You'll be less wasteful

Hands up if, like us, you've been using less loo roll, being more careful with the bread and rationing pasta? We've definitely been planning meals more efficiently, policing empty plates and stretching out supplies more than we ever have. Never has one egg gone so far...

No one will know you're using your living room as a laundry room

Obs we still need to keep on top of the cleaning rota in the house, but we don't necessarily need to be quite as tidy as usual. No one is coming round to judge the stack of mags on the coffee table, the laundry pile on the stairs or the length of our grass. We'll be doing the bits that need doing and leaving the bits that don't. Hell, we might even leave the living room rug at an angle instead of trying to fix it back into place every 10 minutes.

You'll have more time

With less places to rush off to, you'll have more time to do, well, stuff. Instead of commuting you can spend that hour reading a book, watching a film or getting that weeding done. Instead of waiting for the kids to finish their clubs, you can play a board game, whip up some cookies together or finally turf out the wardrobes.

In the words of the very wonderful Monty Python, "Always look on the bright side of life..." You're singing the song now, right? You're welcome.

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