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Easy and delish lunch and lunchbox ideas for kids

lunchbox ideas for kids

Lunchboxes: isn't it amazing that such a small, innocuous piece of square plastic can be the root cause of such drama? So, if like us, you have kiddos that turn their nose up at a cheese sandwich and frisbee a banana out of that box in disgust, then you're going to need this guide to easy and delish lunchtime and lunchbox ideas for kids. Even the fussy ones.

1. Cheese muffins

lunchbox ideas for kids

We recently discovered these nom-worthy cheese muffins by, and they've revolutionised the daily lunchbox grind. Whack in some finely grated carrot or courgette to sneak some veg into the little beasties.

2. Sushi

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Hello, Wonderful

Sushi rolls are not only surprisingly easy to make, but the combos are endless. Pop in whatever you know the kiddos will actually eat, but we like these tasty little numbers by Hello, Wonderful.

3. Ham and cheese pasta

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Simply Recipes

Kids bored to death of cheese and ham sandwiches? Then mix things up with a cheese and ham pasta instead. Chuck in some peas (or whatever other kinda veg they'll go for) and, voila, easy lunch win. Head over to Simply Recipes for, well, a simple recipe. Sometimes we go wild and crazy and swap out the ham for chicken or tuna...

4. Vegan tofu and ricotta pasta shells

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Lovewell Earth

Whether you're vegan or not, these tofu and ricotta pasta shells by Lovewell Earth pack a flavoursome punch when it comes to great lunchbox ideas for kids. Don't forget to put aside a portion for yourself too: they're divine. Oh, and extra brownie points if you make your own pesto!

5. Marmite and cheese swirls

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Tracy Tristram, London for Kidz

We whip these bad boys up on a regular basis, and they definitely make a yum addition to a lunchbox. We use this recipe by Baking Mad but usually add way more marmite and way more cheese. We're greedy like that.

6. Pizza quesadillas

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Two Healthy Kitchens

Combine a pizza with a wrap and you get a rather tasty pizza quesadilla that's mega easy to make and super tasty to eat. These pepperoni numbers by Two Healthy Kitchens take just 5 mins to make (and about 30 seconds to wolf down).

7. Bubble and squeak

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Little Cooks Co

When it comes to using up leftovers, you can't go wrong with good ol' fashioned bubble and squeak. And if you're looking to sneak more veggies into your child's diet, then this is a cunning and tasty way for sure. Head over to Little Cooks Co for a no-peel, easy option the whole fam will love.

8. Sandwich kebabs

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Eats Amazing

Forget being told off by your small menace because you cut their sandwiches into triangles instead of squares, and up your sarnie presentation skills with these fun sandwich kebabs by Eats Amazing.

9. Omelette rolls

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: BBC Food

Combine two lunchtime faves with a mealtime mashup that's sure to be a lunchbox hit. These omelette rolls are perfect either hot or cold, and are extra yum with a bit of feta and spinach thrown in for good measure. Head over to BBC Food for the full recipe deets.

10. Sausage rolls

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Tesco Real Food

Okay, so these are not the kinda thing you want to be fannying around making first thing in the morning, but bake these tasty pastry treats by Tesco Real Food the night before (get the kids to help), and you've got yourself a lunchbox filler that's sure to be a sausage-y success. Swap out for meat alternatives if you're veggie.

11. Bento box

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Bento Monsters

The idea for Bento box creations are literally endless and this popular Japanese lunchbox idea and traditionally covers all food groups in one container. Bento Monsters is our fave website for endless Bento wizardry so head on over to get some inspo. We don't always have time to turn lunches into Big Hero 6 characters, but when we do it's always a huge hit...

12. Pinwheels

lunchbox ideas for kids
Photography: Daily Appetite

Whether you go for bog stand cream cheese and ham or fancy it up a tad with this Italian number by Daily Appetite, you can't go far wrong when it comes to lunchbox ideas with a pinwheel sandwich.

12. Veggie nuggets

These veggie nuggets by Real Mom Nutrition are healthy, kid friendly, and simple to make. Tick, tick and tick when it comes to perfect for lunchbox ideas and snacks.

Top image: Bento Monsters via Instagram

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