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Half term activities: cardboard box craft ideas for kids

cardboard box craft ideas for kids

Keeping the kiddos occupied at home right now seems to have become a full time job, so we're always on the lookout for easy activity wins that will keep them busy for a while. We've already turned our loo rolls into butterflies and monsters, whipped up plenty of washi tape craft, and even created our own compost and bug hotels, so now it's the turn of the humble cardboard box. Yep, we're ready to spend half term creating some magic with these cardboard box craft ideas...

Racing car

cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Today’s Parents

Race over to the craft box and into Today's Parents instructions on how to turn a humble box into a souped up speedy little number.

Cardboard TV

cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Estefi Machado

We're guilty of not only letting the kids watch too much TV at the mo (whatever gets us through the day, we say!), but binge watching too much ourselves right now. But here's a good reason to turn off the real TV and get busy: this awesome cardboard box craft by Estefi Machado. Bonus points for the kids acting out TV shows of their own.

Chalkboard Laptop

cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Handmade Charlotte

Working from home isn't always easy what with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, dog walking and a million other things we need to do on a daily basis, but maybe, just maybe, if the kids have their own laptop - complete with chalkboard - that might keep them busy for a nanosecond while we get on with our own 'to do' list. Pop over to Handmade Charlotte for the deets on how to create this fun number.


cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Crafts by Courtney

Okay, so this doesn't really classify as an easy craft, but the results are, we think, pretty awesome. This is gonna take some time and effort for sure, but just look at it! Crafts by Courtney has all the instructions and this is definitely a project you can sink your teeth into with the kids!

If this construction job is a step too far (and we wouldn't blame you one jot!), have a look at this easier version over at CBC.


cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Best Ideas for Kids

If you don't have any big boxes lying around, upcycle an old shoe box or cereal box into a rather splash-tastic aquarium. Dive on over to Best Ideas for Kids for the lowdown.

Thomas the Tank Engine

cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Thomas & Friends

Toot, toot: all aboard the cardboard box Thomas the Tank Engine. We're loving this amazing craft idea over on the official Thomas and Friends site!

Cardboard city

cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Barley & Birch

We already gave you instructions for a toilet roll city, so why not extend DIY Town to include a cardboard box development? We love this nifty idea by Barley & Birch.

Emergency vehicles

cardboard box craft ideas for kids
Photography: Keriene

To go with your city, you're also gonna need some emergency vehicles. Turn your next delivery box into an ambulance, a fire truck or a police car using these cool directions by Keriene.


Blast over to this video tutorial by CIPTA and countdown to cardboard box magic by turning a box into a rocket.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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