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Flipping good pancake recipes for Shrove Tuesday

pancake day recipes

It's Shrove Tuesday on 13th February, and while we love an old school pancake with lemon and sugar, we thought we might shake up more than the batter this year and try some of these new Pancake Day recipes...

Banana pancakes

Pancake recipes
Photography: Baking Mischief

Go bananas with your little minions for this tasty treat by Baking Mischief.

Gluten free pancakes

Pancake recipes
Photography: There is Life After Wheat

These pancakes by There is Life After Wheat might be gluten free, but they're certainly not taste free.

Rainbow pancakes

Pancake recipes
Photography: I Am Baker

We're suckers for anything rainbow, so these colourful pancake creations get a big thumbs up from us. I am Baker has the recipe deets.

Boozy Baileys pancakes

Pancake recipes
Photography: Evoke

Boozy Baileys pancakes? Stack 'em up, we say! Head over to Evoke for the delish lowdown on these grownup pancake delights.

Traditional Shrove Tuesday pancakes

Pancake recipes
Photography: British Council

If you fancy traditional over fancy pants then you can't go wrong with this tried and tested recipe by British Council. Lemon, sugar and batter it up, folks.

Lindt chocolate pancakes

Pancake recipes
Photography: House Beautiful

So much 'hell, yeah' when it comes to a stack of decadent Lindt chocolate pancakes by House Beautiful.

Whole wheat pancakes

Pancake recipes
Photography: Archana's Kitchen

Whole wheat and wholly delicious, these honey nut numbers by Archana's Kitchen make for a healthier pancake choice.

Happy flipping, everyone!

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