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Top tips for setting up the perfect nursery

setting up the perfect nursery

Congratulations! There's a bubba on the way, and while it might be a while before you start worrying about ways to evict your bun from the oven, it's definitely a fun time to start planning and then setting up the perfect nursery...

Pick a concept

setting up the perfect nursery
Monochrome concept by Paper Provision (via Love Property)

Settle on at least an idea or theme fairly early doors: it will be easier to focus on one concept and then once that's decided on, start gathering all the gorgeous bits and bobs over time rather than in one big rush. If you decide to go gender neutral then popular picks include:

  • Woodland

  • Tribal

  • Under the sea

  • Clouds

  • Circus

  • Monochrome

Love Property has a bumper crop of 60 nursery theme ideas to kickstart your perfect nursery concept search.

Choose your textiles BEFORE your paint

Once you've got a theme in mind you'll no doubt have a vision of what you want the curtains, bedding and rug to look like too. It's far easier to match your paint to your textiles, than your textiles to your paint. There's nothing more disappointing than finding your dream curtains after you've painted, and then realising they clash with the walls!

Pick a colour palette

setting up the perfect nursery
We're crushing on this grey and pink colour palette.

Do you want bright colours or soft colours? Pink? Blue? Lemon? Grey? Allow yourself to fall down a Google rabbit hole when looking at different nursery colour ideas, get some paint samples, and choose a colour that goes well with your theme and those textiles. Head over to Dulux Paint Visualizer App to pin down the exact colour you're dreaming of.

Decorate the ceiling!

Babies spend an awful lot of time on their tiny backs when they're ickle, so why not give them something to look at on the ceiling? Full on mural, pretty decals, a dash of bright colour or some stick-on-stars: it all works. Maybe not all together though...

Think about your space

setting up the perfect nursery
Think about you what you really need in the space you have.

Whether you have a small, a medium or a large space, you need to think about what is essential for you when it comes to what you can definitely fit in your perfect nursery. Do you NEED a beanbag or do you just want one? Do you NEED a changing station or will you, in reality, be changing bums elsewhere in the house? Work with your room shape and size and make a checklist of essentials before moving on to 'I wants'. Generally you'll want to fit in:

  • Cot

  • Storage unit/chest of drawers

  • Comfortable chair for feeding

If you have the space, it's also nice to pop in a:

  • Changing table

  • Wardrobe

  • Toy chest

  • Bookcase

Get creative with storage

setting up the perfect nursery
Repurpose stuff you already have as nursery storage. Photography: Life Storage Blog

For such tiny humans, babies come with a LOT of stuff, and the last thing you want to be worrying about when you've had two hours sleep is tripping over piles of muslin cloths that you haven't put away. Try creating storage solutions ahead of baby's arrival so you're organised when bubba moves into the room: this handy, dandy guide by Life Storage Blog is a great starting point.

Install a blackout blind or curtains

Honestly, if we've learnt anything over the years when it comes to helping newborn babies sleep well, one of the best tips we can give you is to install a blackout blind or blackout curtains! Babies don't understand that, especially in the summer months, it's not time for the humans to get up just because the sun is up... Curtains 2 Go has a lovely selection, most of which come with a FREE blackout lining option.

Leave room to grow

setting up the perfect nursery
Think about furniture that grows with your baby. Photography: IKEA

Unless money and space are no object (lucky you!), try and choose nursery furniture that works beyond the itsy bitsy newborn stage. That gorgeous Moses basket might be beyond adorable in theory, but blink and your baby will have grown out of it and will need more room to stretch. IKEA has a whole range of wallet-friendly furniture that literally grows with your child.

Don't forget a nightlight

You definitely don't want to be scrambling around in the dark when your tot is pulling an all-nighter, so invest in a good nightlight that will give the room a friendly glow. Healthline has some great suggestions for all budgets to light your way to what will work best.


It might seem like eons away until your bump is a full on whirlwind trying to stick small fingers in sockets, but it will happen sooner than you realise. Be ready from day one: anchor down furniture, secure rugs to the floor, install window guards, tuck away chords, cover electrical outlets and check, check and check again for choking hazards.

So, you're all set! And remember, don't leave it until the last minute: you're definitely not going to be in the mood for anything beyond bingewatching trash TV and putting your feet up by the end of your pregnancy, so get the nursery done while you still have the energy!

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