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Dinosaur World Live review: roarsome fun at London Wonderground

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Dinosaurs have stomped into town and we caught up with them this week to check out and review Dinosaur World Live, a grrreat family adventure happening all through the summer holidays over at London Wonderground.

What is it about?

The 50-minute show introduces audiences to stunning puppet versions of dinosaurs! You'll get to meet and learn all about a Giraffatitan, Microraptor, Segnosaurus, Triceratops and, every kids' fave, a giant (and baby) T-rex! Introduced by 'Miranda', the daughter of palaeontolgists who grew up with dinosaurs for friends on a remote island near South America, Dinosaur World Live gives little ones the chance to get up close to her pre-historic pals and try out their most enthusiastic roars of delight each time a new dinosaur is brought onto stage.

What we loved

Dinosaur World Live review
Photography: London for Kidz

I brought along Rafferty (9) and Angelica (13) as my roving reporters and, to be fair, they were perhaps a little old for the show, but that didn't stop them secretly being rather impressed by the super life-like dino puppets up on stage. They had this to say:

Rafferty, "My favourite part was Brutus the massive T-rex coming onto stage near the end of the show and also the funny baby T-rex who was quite a lot like my naughty dog, Luna, who doesn't listen either."

Angelica, "I liked how the dinosaurs were realistic and they even included the feathers on the T-rex which made it way more scientifically accurate than usual depictions, but still kept him recognisable for little kids. I thought the sound effects by the puppet operators were really, really good too. It wasn't targeted towards my age but I enjoyed it anyway and it was pretty clever. I think for very young children there might not have been quite enough action, but for me I liked the learning part of it so I would definitely give it a thumbs up. I think kids age 3 to around 8 would love this best."

London Wonderground

Dinosaur World Live review
Photography: London for Kidz

Dinosaur World Live is happening as part of London Wonderground (on until 26th September), which the kids loved getting busy with after the show. We had some great street eats before being whipped around on the waltzers and high swing, and chilling on the beach area in the sunshine was pretty darn relaxing, it's got to be said! There's a full schedule of fun happening all the way through the summer until 26th September for families, as well as a great line up of shows and activities perfect for a weekend or evening with the other half or with friends.

All the deets for Dinosaur World Live

Where: Empress Place, Earls Court, London SW6 1TT

When: Now until 31 August 2021

Cost: From £16.50 per person. Kids age 3 and above will need a ticket. Kids age 2 and under do not need a ticket so long as they don't use a seat.

* London for Kidz were gifted tickets for this experience for the purposes of this review but all opinions are our own.

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