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Hop into our guide to things to do in London during the Easter holidays!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Rain or shine if you are looking for things to do in London during the Easter school holidays then this is the guide for you.

  1. Check out one of these tee-riffic crazy golf spots.

  2. Have a gruesomely cool adventure at The Clink Prison Museum.

  3. Tick off all the gorgeously green country parks in and around London.

  4. Try making your own wand at Wands and Wizard Exploratorium with this magical London activity.

  5. Get out of the city and over to Hobbledown Adventure Farm.

  6. And if farms are your thing then flock over to one of these urban picks around London.

  7. Dive into this guide if it's a quirky day out you're looking for.

  8. We always love raven about the Tower of London, so read our guide and then book some tix.

  9. Museums are far from boring in this guide full of the best ones in London for families.

  10. Not sure the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child show is suitable for your muggles? Read our review before ticking this one off your London bucket list. We also recently watched the theatrical version of Life of Pi if that's more likely to float your boat.

  11. Soggy days aren't going to ruin our fun thanks to this guide of indoor activities in London that the weather can't ruin.

  12. But if the sun is shining we also have a guide to fabulous outdoor activities around town too.

  13. Have you seen London aboard a speedboat yet? We highly recommend whizzing down the river on a Thames Rocket! Psst: we have a discount available if you read our review...

  14. Get involved with some most egg-cellent fun at Kensington Palace or Hampton Court where the hunt for the Lindt Gold Bunny is back on in an Easter egg hunt with a difference.

  15. .Fancy ticking some restaurants off your 'must try' list? Well, we've got a guide to family-friendly ones, a guide to the best burgers in London AND a guide to the most wonderful dim sum spots in town.

  16. If you're heading out into the Essex countryside at all, Hopefield Animal Sanctuary is well worth a visit and is re-opening just in time for the Easter holidays.

  17. Kids got some pocket money burning holes in their pockets? Then this guide to the toy-tally awesome toy shops in London is for them.

  18. A history lesson with a hilarious, horrible twist is making a splash back on the Thames from 2nd April, and we can't wait! Yep, The Terrible Thames Tours are back for a second season and we know that your kids will love it as much as our kids did.

  19. Talking of holes in pockets, if the child-sized hole in your own wallet is getting too big, try this guide to things to do in London for FREE. Our favourite word.

  20. Shrek's Adventure! London is a great place to ogre-dose on fun during the school holidays, and it generally has seasonal events happening too. For the Easter break your little ogres can meet not just Shrek, but also get busy with How to Train a Dragon-themed ‘Egg-stinction Watch’. This special extra event will take place from 2-24 April and involves dragon food, dragon skin, dragon eggs - and even dragon poo!

  21. Older kids will want in on this adventure into the skies: we tried Up at the O2 recently and loved it.

You're all set! But, if you can't be bothered to jump on the underground and fancy staying closer to home during the school holidays, we still have plenty of useful guides for that too, including:

Bumper guide to school holiday craft ideas

Fun activities for a rainy day at home

Geocaching for beginners

20 classic movies to watch with the kids

Easy recipes to bake with your mini chefs

Don't forget to also follow us for more adventures and things to do in London with kids over on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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