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Reach for the sky: Up at The O2 review

Up at the o2 review

Now here's a treat for the fam where the sky really is the limit: the Up at The O2 climbing experience! We recently scaled the lofty heights of this London landmark to check out what the climb is all about, how it all works, and, very importantly, how cold the champagne was when we reached the summit. Behold: the London for Kidz Up at the O2 review...

Tell me about the experience

Up at the o2 review
Champagne with a view! Photography: London for Kidz

We did a daytime climb (from £40 per person) and we managed to pick a day with blue skies and good visibility. And what a view it was: with 360° of landmarks to spot at a distance of up to 15 miles away on the clearest of days, the fairly arduous climb was well worth the epic sights of the skyline (especially when seen with a cold glass of champagne in one's hand - an optional and worthy extra!).

Twilight, Celebration and Sunset options are also available, and there are a plethora of bars and restaurants when you get back down to have a celebratory drink and dine at. (We plumped for Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger which you can read all about in our guide to best burgers in London!).

What we can't guarantee though is the weather... as we said before, we went up on a perfect climbing day and had a thoroughly lovely time. Would it be as epic in the rain or with limited visibilty? Well, no, probably not, although the climb and descent itself is great fun, and you would still get the sense of accomplishment that comes as standard with the Up at the o2 experience. Our advice? It's probably an activity best done between April and October so get booking while the sun is shining right now!

Is it well organised?

Exceptionally so! From check-in to gearing up (you will be supplied with boots and harnesses), every part of the tour was well managed and easy peasy to get on board with. Special nod to our instructor who was not only super helpful, but lovely with it too. In fact, all of the staff were fab, which always makes a special experience all that more special.

What age is it suitable for?

Up at the o2 review
An activity that almost got a smile out of the grumpy teen. Photography: London for Kidz

Minimum age to climb is 8-years, but there's also a minimum height of 1.2m too. The climb is 52 meters up an easy to navigate walkway, and you'll be attached for the entire climb and descent. Once you're at the top you can detach from the harness system and you have some free time at the top to soak up the panoramic scenery and take at least a gazillion family selfies. We climbed with our teen who, despite being a teen and therefore generally grumpy, gave it a big thumbs up.

All the Up at The O2 deets

Up at the o2 review
Family fun in London! Photography: Up at The O2

Where: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

When: Daily - check website for timings.

Minimum age: 8 years old.

Minimum height: 1.2m.

Maximum weight: each participant must not weigh more than 130kg/286lbs.

Maximum measurements: maximum waist measurement 125cm, maximum upper thigh measurement 75cm.

Cost: From £40 per person.

Extra info: Smartphone and/or Small compact cameras can be taken up in the climb jacket or pictures on the roof. All other items will be stored away and returned to you at the end of the climb. GoPros and larger cameras are not allowed. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

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