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Mindful Mixology review: the perfect cocktails in a Mindful box

Mindful Mixology review

Cocktails in a bottle you say? With fancy, pretty garnishing to go on top? No mixing and complicated ingredients to battle with for the perfect drink to sup on at home? Tick, tick and all the ticks when it comes to Mindful Mixology and its off-the-scale delish bottled cocktails! But why is it 'Mindful'? Well, we'll tell you:

  • It's Mindful in that everything it uses is recyclable or compostable.

  • It's Minfdul in that it donates money from each box to charity.

  • It's Mindful in that it supports local brands.

  • It's mindful that its cocktails do not have minging, cheap fruit juices in them, and significantly less sugar.

  • It's mindful that each and every ingredient is carefully selected to include the likes of coconut blossom and organic stevia.

  • It's mindful that its cocktails are bar quality without the nasties.

And we're Mindful that these were the BEST cocktails we've had at home ever!

Mindful Mixology review
Cheers to my personal fave: Rum Old Fashioned. Photography: London for Kidz

Our box arrived in its splendid packaging containing a bottle of Lychee Martini, a bottle of Salted Coconut Espresso Martini and a bottle of Banana and Choc Rum Old Fashioned along with pretty garnishes to really up the pro-cocktail ante. But first off let's discuss the bottle itself... honestly the coolest bottle that ever there was and, although the cocktails are long gone (we'll get to those amazeballs flavours in a bit), the bottles are staying on our bar because, well, because they're awesome! Lychee Mar-Tina is especially epic in our humble opinion (it's no secret that we love a pun here at London for Kidz, after all).

Mindful Mixology
This Lychee Martini put a smile on Mr London for Kidz face. Photography: London for Kidz

Now, the taste. All the OMGs. These are flavours that Tom Cruise in Cocktail himself could not nail as well as Mindful Mixology have nailed these delights. Heaven in a bottle and one bottle is never enough: they're just so fabulously yum. Our personal fave? Well for Mrs London for Kidz it had to be the Banana and Choc Rum Old Fashioned which was a bit of a surprise as I'm not a Rum kinda gal! Mr London for Kidz? Despite not being a cocktail fan usually, he was utterly bowled over by the Salted Coconut Espresso Martin. We could totes drink them morning, noon and night (disclaimer: we won't actually because that would be rather worrying, but we will absolutely be popping this on the 'regular weekend tipple' menu!).

Mindful Mixology review
Those bottles! Photography: London for Kidz

Do yourselves a favour and forget those manky cocktails in a tin you get from the supermarkets, and treat yourself to the real deal while also doing your bit for the environment and for charity and, most definitely, your taste buds!

Cheers, all!

* London for Kidz were gifted a box of Mindful Mixology cocktails via Hype Experiences for the purpose of this review.

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