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Mother's Day gift guide 2021 (including special discounts)

Mother's Day gift guide 2021

Who would have thought that shortly after Mother's Day last year we would find ourselves in the throes of a whole year of juggling work, homeschooling, not seeing our friends and family and having to come up with endless ways to keep the family busy at home? One thing's for sure, for Mother's Day 2021 we DEFINITELY deserve something spesh. Our advice: hand this Mother's Day gift guide to the kiddos/person in charge of the prezzie buying, stat. It's full of gorgeous ideas from some of our fave small businesses, and we've even got some special discount codes lined up for London for Kidz readers. And when they're done ordering us all the lovely things, they can head over to your guide to Mother's Day afternoon tea delivery AND to our DIY Mother's Day gift guide. #wewanttobespoilt

Best mum plaque

While we don't need a plaque proclaiming us to be 'best mum', we totally want one exactly like that gorgeous number pictured top. In fact, everything that comes out of Sally Bee Design's little workshop is on our 'want list'! Just as well we've got a handy dandy 10% discount code for us, and you, to use! Pop in L4KIDS at checkout and you'll bag some cool savings from today until the end of March.

Sally Bee Designs, homemade wooden plaque £9.50

Family welly print

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Imprint Illustration

If your family is anything like our family, there will have been a LOT of muddy boots to contend with lately, which is why we adore this personalised family welly print by Imprint Illustration. We've got a couple of prints from this awesome little company ourselves, and can't recommend them enough for quick turnaround and lovely customer service.

Imprint Illustration, personalised welly prints from £26.26

Mummy robe

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Something a Bit Different

One of our fave things to do at the end of the day is to snuggle down in a comfy dressing gown and binge watch TV programmes that are not animated. This beaut by Something a Bit Different definitely fits the snuggly ticket.

Something a Bit Different, mummy robe £25.00

A Thames Rockets adventure

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Thames Rockets

London might be locked down right now, but we're reallllly hoping it will be re-opening, along with the rest of the country, soon. And when it does there is no better adventure to celebrate your freedom with than whizzing down the Thames with the famalam on a Thames Rockets speedboat. Better still, use the discount code TRinsta20 and you'll bag yourself 20% off the total price. Let's get a 'woo hoo' to that!

Thames Rockets, adults from £31.45 and children from £20.95

Silver feather ring

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: The Accessory Shelf

We're a little bit in love with this silver feather ring from The Accessory Shelf and we think the kids will be chuffed to buy something this pretty for mum. Plus, just to add to the awesome, you can grab yourself free postage with the discount code FREESHIP at checkout. Happy days.

The Accessory Shelf, feather ring £14.00

Pure Royal scents

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Scentsual Boutique

All mums deserve to be treated like royalty, and these Pure Royal scents will have you feeling like a queen for sure. Smelling is believing: they're divine, and, if you use the discount code LONDON10 at checkout, you'll bag yourself a sweet-smelling 10% saving!

Scentsual Boutique, Pure Royal scents from £26.50 and Pure scents from £16.50.

Mama jumper/hoodie

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Unique To You

We're all about dressing for comfort these days, but when you get to combine cosy with cool, then that's a giant win in our book. Love, love, loving these Mama jumpers and hoodies by Unique To You. And do you know what else is unique? The code MAMA10 which will give you 10% off your purchase: stock up, people! A mum can never have too many cosy hoodies.

Unique To You, jumpers and hoodies from £21.00

Mini marshmallow kit

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Marvling Bros Ltd

Is there anything cuter than getting a teeny tiny present from our favourite teeny tiny people? We're big fans love this mini marshmallow kit by Marvling Bros Ltd: adorable stuff.

Marvling Bros Ltd, marshmallow matchbox kit £5.00

Swan retro kettle

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Swan

Okay, so this is not a small business, but it ** might ** be a hint at what a certain London for Kidz mum would like - along with everything else in this guide - on Mother's Day. Let's face it, never has the kettle been boiled more than it has during lockdown, so we think it's time we were treated to a fancy pants new kettle so that our brews keep on coming.

Swan, retro kettle from £39.99

Mum fuel aka coffee pods

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Pick n Pod

We recently discovered the best coffee pods EVER over at small business coffee connoisseur Pick n Pod Coffee. Each pod guarantees a cup of pure happiness, and our pick for value and all round flavour choices would be the 'Two's Company Bundle', 61 pods for £27. Parenting is so much easier with a good cup of coffee on the go. And you know what else makes life easier? Saving money! Use the discount code MOTHER20 for a lovely jubbly saving of 20%.

Pick n Pod Coffee, single pods from 34p each

Slogan sweatshirts

Mother's Day gift guide 2021
Photography: Stripe and Wild

Always looking to add a big pop of colour to life right now, we're big fans of the awesome prints and slogans over at Stripes and Wild. Would we rather be in Ibiza right now? Hell, yeah.

Stripe and Wild, sweatshirts from £20.00

Top image: Sally Bee Designs

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Katharine Bowdidge
Katharine Bowdidge
Feb 26, 2021

Some lovely ideas here! I also make bespoke pictures and home décor, perfect for Mums. Feel free to pop over and have a look: 😊

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