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Go conkers for these 10 Autumn craft ideas for kids!

Autumn is well underway and although that means we will soon need to break out the woolies, it also means kicking up piles of leaves, conker hunting, hot chocolate, and gorgeous autumnal colours. Definitely a good time to get outside, gather up a whole pile of Fall, and then turn it into one of these fun Autumn crafts for kids!

1. Conker spiders

Wondering what to do with that big bag of conkers the kids have gathered? How about turning them into some eight-legged pets (pictured top). Spin together a heap of crafty fun by whipping up these conkers spider by Messy Little Monster.

2. Little acorn people

autumn craft
Photography: Mas & Pas

Oh goodness: how utterly cute are these little acorn people? If, like us, you have 80 billion acorns lying all over your lawn/balcony/pavement then here's a craft by Mas & Pas you need in on. Psst: be careful if you have dogs in your home: these little fellas are toxic for pooches.

3. Leaf printing on rocks

Autumn crafts
Photography: Projects With Kids

We've already given you a whole guide on rock art ideas, so we're adding to the pile with this lovely Autumn craft by Projects With Kids.

4. Paper plate scarecrow

Autumn crafts
Photography: The Keeper of the Cheerios

We might have missedHarvest Festival already this year, but we love a paper plate scarecrow anyway. We love this one by The Keeper of the Cheerios.

5. Broccoli stamp Autumn tree

Autumn craft ideas for kids
Photography: Glued to my Crafts

While it's not always easy to get the kiddos to eat their greens, they will, we reckon, be much more willing to use a pile of broccoli in this Autumn craft project. Try this lovely broccoli print fall tree by Glued to my Crafts: the jaunty music in the video tutorial is enough to put anyone in a good mood, craft or no craft!

6. Toilet roll turkey

Autumn crafts
Photography: Easy Peasy and Fun

Okay, so a turkey hasn't got a great deal to do with Fall here in the UK, but here's a great Autumn craft that combines our love of a loo roll project with a good use for all those fallen leaves in our garden. Head over to Easy Peasy and Fun to gobble up the instructions.

7. Leaf bowl

Autumn crafts
Photography: Thinly Spread

Leaf it out: you can make a bowl out of leaves? Whoever would have thunk it! Here's a super cool project for the older kiddos by Thinly Spread.

8. Autumn mason jars

Autumn craft
Photography: Spark & Chemistry

Spark & Chemistry knows a thing or two about putting leaves to good use with this pretty mason jar craft.

9. Leafy fox

Autumn craft

Now here's a cunning craft that the wily little ones will adore making: a fox made out of a leaf by

10. Pinecone hedgehog

Autumn craft
Photography: Kids Craft Room

There are plenty of pinecones around at the mo, so take what you need (leave enough for the squirrels!) and whip up a prickly little craft number in the form of these pinecone hedgehogs by Kids Craft Room.

Top image: spider conkers by Messy Little Monster

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