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Christmas snack recipes to put you in a merry mood

To get us in a merry mood you'll find us turning strawberries into Santa and brownies into Christmas trees (all once we're done creating loo roll angels), so if anyone needs us we'll be in the kitchen to whipping up these Christmas snack recipes.

Strawberry Santas

We love any kinda recipe that sneaks a bit of goodness into our small elves, so strawberry Santa (pictured top) is sure to be a healthier hit! All you need is whipped or squirty cream, strawberries and some seeds or choc drops for eyes.

Christmas tree brownies

Christmas snack recipes
Photography: One Little Project

These deliciously decadent Christmas tree brownies are actually pretty easy peasy to make, and even easier to eat! Get the recipe from One Little Project.

Chocolate reindeer poop

Christmas snack recipes
Photography: The Slow Roasted Italian

We blame Elf on the Shelf for the whole edible reindeer poop concept, but we've gotta say, this crockpot recipe by The Slow Roasted Italian is pretty cute, and incredibly tasty.

Reindeer pretzels

Christmas snack recipes
Photography: Hungry Happenings

You're going to need a reindeer or two to go with that reindeer poop, so try these deer little numbers by Hungry Happenings.

Cheeseball Xmas tree

Christmas snack recipes
Photography: Everyday Dishes

This Christmas snack recipe might be by Everyday Dishes, but an Xmas tree made out of cheese is far from every day. Yule be a big hit with the kiddos when you serve this tree-mendous treat up during the festive season.

Marshmallow snowman

Christmas snack recipes
Photography: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

We've already given you a whole guide to DIY hot chocolate recipes, but why not add this cool yule drink/snack combo to your hot choccie list: a marshmallow snowman by Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons?

Kiwi Christmas tree

Christmas snack recipes
Photography via Pinterest

It's gotta be said, Xmas is not the healthiest season of the year, so in an attempt to move the kids away from a diet of pure sugar, we're popping this pretty and healthy kiwi Christmas tree on our Christmas snack recipe repertoire.

Gingerbread men

Christmas snack recipes
Photography: Melanie Cooks

Is it even Xmas at all without eating your bodyweight in gingerbread men before the Big Day itself? Try this easy recipe by Melanie Cooks for your gingery fix.

Need some more very merry guides to Xmas 2021? Look no further:

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