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50 things to do in the Christmas holidays with kids

Christmas is almost upon us, and with it comes a couple of weeks of not having to set the alarm for the school run: woo hoo to that. So, aside from the Big Event itself, here's a list of 50 things to keep the kiddos busy right through until the mince pies have run out and it's time to get back into the classroom.

  1. Visit Santa! If you're in London then we have a list of places where you'll be able to spot him.

  2. And if you're not in London, or are happier to do an online meet-and-greet this year, then you need our list of the places where you can visit virtual Santa.

  3. Turn your loo rolls into Xmas angels and reindeers.

  4. Take an evening walk in your 'hood to check out the Christmas lights.

  5. Go through your cupboards with the kids and pop any good quality toys, books or unused, long-life food into a box. Take it to your local food bank, charity shop or Christmas gift collection point for those who might be struggling this festive season.

  6. Bust out the art kit again to make your own Chrimbo cards.

  7. Create your own panto. Oh yes you can!

  8. Set up a blanket fort. Bonus points for making it a Christmas-themed blanket fort.

  9. Bake cookies for Santa. This one by Cooking Classy ticks all the festive boxes.

  10. Turn rocks into art and then go and put them in the park for people to find.

  11. Make a picture book about all the escapades your Elf on the Shelf has gotten up to this year.

  12. Make your own playdough.

  13. Whip up a whole heap of festive decor.

  14. Visit a city farm. We've got a guide to ones in and around London.

  15. Make a bug hotel.

  16. Spend an afternoon or two watching festive flicks.

  17. And when you're all Christmassed out, try this list of family classic movies

  18. Learn how to code.

  19. Turn toilet rolls into superheroes.

  20. Set up a sensory play station.

  21. Design and create your own board game. Or play one of these classics.

  22. Make mince pies. We love this recipe by BBC Good Food.

  23. And then make your own candy canes: try these delish ones by The Spruce Eats.

  24. Find your nearest country park and go feed Santa's reindeer. Yes, we know they're 'normal' deer really, but the kids won't care.

  25. Turn a cardboard box into a racing car.

  26. Upcycle a pair of old jeans into a bag.

  27. Create a hair and beauty parlour at home. (Mums: hide your good makeup first!).

  28. Put together a gingerbread house. We like this one by Lidl. And if a house is a step too far, try this recipe for gingerbread men by Sally's Baking Addiction instead. Or do both.

  29. Try out these amazing hot chocolate recipes.

  30. If you don't have a dog, borrow a dog and take it for a walk. If you do have a dog, take it for a walk. Wellies are a good idea...

  31. Turn old plastic bottles into pencil cases.

  32. Make bracelets out of washi tape.

  33. Practise some mindfulness as a family.

  34. Make a smoothie (the perfect healthy snack to cancel out all the candy canes you ate).

  35. Brighten your day with rainbow crafts.

  36. Make your own hand sanitiser (who else is getting through it by the gallon?)

  37. Go geocaching. Outdoor fun at its best.

  38. Have a wheel-y fun day: skates, bikes or scooters. Your pick.

  39. Draw Christmas pictures and take them to your local old folk's home. Don't forget your festive face masks when you deliver them!

  40. Do a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt.

  41. Design a family coat of arms. And then design one for Mr & Mrs Claus.

  42. Have a Christmas present wrapping competition. Allocate a few gifts to each family member to wrap, and see who is the most creative.

  43. Make your own slime.

  44. Learn how to play at least three different games of cards. Snap doesn't count.

  45. Think of ways to be more eco-friendly as a family and write a list of the changes you can make.

  46. Dig out old photos and research your family tree.

  47. Make a collage of the fun stuff you've done during 2020. Despite all the craziness, there have still been plenty of smiles.

  48. Get ready for the new term with these back-to-school crafts.

  49. Make a time capsule. Bury it on New Year's Eve as an adieu to 2020.

  50. Write and decorate a list of New Year resolutions.

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