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The London for Kidz guide to Christmas 2020

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Christmas 2020

Whether you need a fabulous tree, a festive recipe or some handy dandy Elf on the Shelf ideas, we've got the full lowdown on all things Christmas 2020 here in one useful guide...

Christmas 2020

If anyone needs us in the build up to Chrimbo, you'll find us counting down to the big day with a festive flick or 24.

Christmas 2020

And while we're watching that merry movie, we say snuggle down with a large mug of fancy hot chocolate.

In the mood for some Chrimbo craft? Then we've got guides for DIY Xmas cards, DIY decor, DIY advent calendars and even a guide to turning loo rolls into angels and reindeers.

We're not entirely sure what's happening with the whole Santa in London thing now we've moved into tier 3, but we can always whip up strawberry Father Christmas this year instead. And once you're done with that, why not book a virtual Santa experience that covid can't get its ugly mitts on?

Christmas 2020

Suffering from Elf on the Shelf fatigue? Then we've come to your rescue with Elf on the Shelf inspo part one, AND Elf on the Shelf inspo part two! There are enough easy and funny ideas in there to keep that pesky Elf busy until Xmas Eve for sure.

Christmas 2020

Not got your tree yet? Then there's still time to pick up something fir-tastic from these spots around London.

So that's it, folks. You're all set. Now if covid could just kindly bugger off, it really would be the merriest Christmas of all!

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