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Don't get your tinsel in a tangle: DIY Xmas decorations

DIY Christmas decorations

As we nudge towards December, we're busying ourselves at London for Kidz HQ with all things festive. We've got our home made advent calendar ready to rock and roll, we've ordered the tree, and now we're adding to our merry mood by making a few DIY Xmas decorations of our own...

Pine cone elves

If, like us, your kids have picked up 80 billion pinecones on your recent autumn strolls, then get yours-elf over to Lia Griffith for the lowdown on how to make those cute pinecone elves (pictured above).

Toilet roll Santa

DIY Christmas decorations
Photography: CBC Parents

It's no secret that we love a loo roll craft, so we can't wait to roll out our rolls and get busy making Santa out of cardboard. Sleigh-ride over to CBC Parents to find out how to make the magic happen.

Tinsel wreath

DIY Christmas decorations
Photography: Craft my World

Tinsel is, let's face it, THE staple ingredient when it comes to Xmas decs, so we think jazzing it up a bit by transforming it into a wreath, is a shiny kinda idea. Head over to Craft my World for the full tinsely deets.

Christmas mason jars

How a-mason are these cool yule mason jars by The Inspiration Board? Use them as decorations, as tea light holders or even as gifts.

Pinecone baubles

DIY Christmas decorations
Photography: One Little Project

Here's another use for all those pinecones cluttering up your porch right now: pinecone baubles. Easy to make and pretty to look at, you can't go wrong with this tutorial by One Little Project.

Popsicle elf

DIY Christmas decorations
Photography: I Heart Arts and Crafts

Forget Elf on a Shelf and try this Elf on a Stick decoration by I Heart Arts and Crafts instead!

Pom pom Christmas pudding

DIY Christmas decorations
Photography: Love Crafts

Now here's a sweet little treat of a DIY Christmas decoration if ever there was one: a pom pom Xmas pud! You'll find the guide on how to whip up this adorable dec over at Love Crafts.

Paper Xmas trees

DIY Christmas decorations
Photography: ikat bag

The blingier the better, we say, when it comes to these fir-tastic paper trees by ikat bag.

Grinch baubles

DIY Christmas decorations
Photography: Bullocks Buzz

There'll be no resting Grinch face this Chrimbo with this fab tutorial by Bullocks Buzz, which is perfect for keeping older kids/teens busy with. Heck, you might even get a smile out of them when it's finished.

Feather angels

DIY Christmas decorations

Feathers and beads: a match made in DIY Xmas decoration heaven, and Ana DIY Crafts has the angelic lowdown on how to make these pretty little numbers.

Need some more very merry guides to Xmas 2022? Look no further:

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