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Back to school craft projects for kids of all ages

Back to school craft

We're getting closer to the 'end-of-summer-break' finishing line, and given how much cash we just spent on school shoes, it's definitely must time for a brand new school year to begin (unless the covid crazy rears its head and puts us back into lockdown, of course). But until we have to start setting the alarm again, there are still a few weeks of carefree, lazy days to fill with some awesome back to school craft projects...

Back to school photo frame

It's been a fair while since the kids were in a real classroom, so get prepped with this cute back to school photo frame (pictured above) for that snap you'll absolutely be taking on that momentous first day back. We love this tutorial by I Heart Crafty Things.

Pokemon pen pot

Back to school craft
Photography: Red Ted Art

Gotta catch 'em all: well, the pens at least. Kids will love having their bits and bobs stored in these Pokemon pen pots (pictured above) as much as they'll love making them. Head over to Red Ted Art for the instructions and the free printables to go along with the activity.

DIY memory board

Back to school craft
Photography: Kristen Shane

It's been a weird kinda year, but that doesn't mean we've not had the chance to make some lovely memories over the past months. Create this gorgeous memory board by Kristen Shane and pop some of your fave photos from 2020 on it as a reminder that there were smiles aplenty amongst the madness.

Mini monster bookmarks

Back to school craft
Photography: Red Ted Art

Little bookworms will love making these cute mini monster bookmarks by Red Ted Art. They're so easy to make, why not make one as a back to school prezzie for everyone in the class?

Watercolour bookmarks

Back to school craft
Photography: Projects With Kids

If you have kids that are a bit too old for monsters eating the corner of their books, get them to whip up these colourful watercolour numbers instead. Head on over to Projects With Kids for the full deets.

Trolls pencil toppers

Back to school craft
Photography: Fandango

These super cute pencil toppers by Fandango will definitely cheer up any pencil collection! Plus it's a good excuse to break out our all-time fave craft supply: googly eyes!

No sew pencil case

Sure, once you've bought all the supplies to make these no sew pencil cases, you probably could have bought a ready-made one for cheaper, but older kids will have a whole heap of fun making their own, plus be as proud as punch showing off the finished results to their school chums. Hop into this video by Michele Baratta for instructions on how to make three different shapes and sizes, and then go wild picking your material!

Homework sign

Back to school craft
Photography: Boston Parents Paper

Back to school also means back to the homework schedule, so how about making this lovely homework sign by Boston Parents Paper? It will be ready and waiting to hang on the door when those first home assignments roll in.

Paperweight rock

back to school craft
Photography: The Craft Train

Go out and find a medium sized stone and then have a look at our guide to rock painting ideas and pick the perfect paint job for your own DIY paperweight.

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