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Binge watch alert: TV shows to watch now!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

With the weather having decided to take a dip at the mo, we're spending less time outside in the evening, and more time in front of the box. And as we already finished watching our first round of binge watch suggestions, here are some tv show ideas to keep us grownups busy once the kiddos are (finally) in bed.

Dead to Me (Netlfix)

To be honest, the first season of Dead to Me (pictured top) was better than the second, but both are definitely worth a watch. There's plenty of mystery, murder, hysterics and relatable mum angst to keep you hooked in a show that follows the unlikely friendship between two women who end up in a dark place. Plus we love Christina Applegate, who stars as bitter but likeable Jen.

I May Destroy You (BBC iPlayer)

tv shows to watch now
Photography: BBC

We're about two episodes from finishing I May Destroy You, and we can't watch them quick enough. The 12-part series follows a young writer, Arabella, as she tries to piece back her life following a sexual assault. It's a no bars held kinda drama (and probably best watched with your curtains drawn if you don't want your neighbours questioning your viewing habits), and the actors and storyline are both fabulous. Fun fact: Creator and star Michaela Coel turned down a whopping $1 million offer from Netflix as it refused to let her have 5% of the copyright to the show. Netflix loss was BBC's gain who gave her full creative control and rights!

Ambulance (BBC iPlayer)

tv shows to watch now
Photography: BBC

We're a sucker for a docu-series, and Ambulance is one of our faves. The fifth series is airing at the moment and gives us all an important insight into the life or death situations this amazing team from Liverpool face on a daily basis. From the men and women in the highly-pressurised control room to the crews on the streets, each and every team member, is, quite frankly, a hero.

Save Me and Save Me Too (Sky Boxsets)

tv shows to watch
Photography: Sky Atlantic

Created by and starring the fabulous Lennie James, this clever thriller centres on Nelson 'Nelly' Rowe, whose life is turned upside down when his estranged 13-year-old daughter goes missing. We won't give away any spoilers, but we can promise that you will want to binge watch series one and two back-to-back. Stellar cast, stellar plot and definitely one of the better thrillers we've seen in a while.

Modern Family (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, Sky One)

tv shows to watch now
Photography: iMDB

If you've been a fan of Modern Family over the course of its 11 year run, then you'll know that the 11th and final series aired this year, bidding farewell to Jay, Gloria, Phil, Claire, Mitchell, Cam et al. Wahhhh! But if you haven't ever seen it, then you're totally in for a massive binge watch opp spanning 201 episodes of hysterical mockumentary fun!

White Lines (Netflix)

tv shows to watch now
Photography: Netflix

We're only one episode into White Lines, but we're intrigued (not least because so far the main characters are all our age and dancing around Ibiza like we did back in the 90s!). In a nutshell, Zoe Walker (played by Laura Haddock) leaves her quiet life in Blighty behind to investigate her brother's disappearance 20 years previously in Ibiza, where she quickly heads down a decadent and dangerous path...

Gangs of London (Sky Atlantic, Now TV)

tv shows to watch now
Photography: Sky Atlantic

You might have to cover your eyes at some of the, erm, more graphic violent parts, but when it comes to plot, family betrayal, handsome undercover cops and an obscene amount of wealth, Gangs of London is pretty darn gripping. You'll get 9 episodes of London being torn apart by mahoosive power struggles after the head of the city's most powerful crime family is assassinated... And yes: that is Joe Cole, aka John Shelby, from Peaky Blinders (without a hint of a Brummy accent!).

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Top image: Dead to Me via Netflix

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