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Washi tape craft ideas for tweens and teens

Washi tape craft ideas

We've done so many cool craft guides that we seem to be having to restock our googly eye supply every other week, but if you've got older kids, we get that they might not necessarily want to turn loo rolls into unicorns and plastic bottles into cars. But you know what they will love? Anything and everything washi tape! So, just for your tweens and teens, here's a craft guide awash with cool washi tape craft ideas...

Washi tape art

It may well have been a bit of a strange year so far, but this sunny little number (pictured above) by Tauni Everett is sure to make us feel a tad, well, sunnier.

Washi tape clutch bag

washi tape craft ideas
Photography: Creme de la Craft

The perfect size to fit that all-essential snazzy face mask into, these washi tape clutch bag tutorials by Creme de la Craft are pretty darn handy.

Washi tape summer bucket list

washi tape craft ideas
Photography: See Vanessa Craft

Even if we don't get to go overseas somewhere exotic this year, Summer is still officially saved with this lovely washi tape bucket list idea by See Vanessa Craft.

Washi tape bookmarks

Perfect for your tween and teen bookworms, this bookmark craft by Zakka Life is easy to make and really rather lovely to look at.

Washi tape phone case

washi tape craft ideas
Photography: Clever Pink Pirate

A teen's phone is rarely out of their hand, so we reckon they will love funking up their tech with a whole load of washi tape. Pop over to Clever Pink Pirate for some colourful inspo.

Washi tape rosettes

washi tape craft ideas
Photography: Oh My Craft

Whether they fancy awarding their friends with a bestie rosette, or their sibs with 'most annoying ever' badges, these washi tape rosettes by Oh My Craft are pretty spiffy.

Washi tape bracelets

washi tape craft ideas
Photography: Mama Miss

Who needs fancy jewellery when you can get your tween or teen to create one of these pretty little numbers by Mama Miss?

Washi tape cards

washi tape craft ideas
Photography: Omiyage Blogs

Forget trawling round the shops for the perfect greeting card, these ones by Omiyage Blogs are perfect for any occasion.

Top image: Tauni Everett

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