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10 Toilet roll craft ideas for kids: Part II

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

It seems that you lovely lot were rather keen on my original toilet roll craft guide, so now you're done upcycling your rolls into butterflies, unicorns and cars, it's time for another round of cardboard capers. We've got pirates, bees, games and cool characters aplenty - yep - it's time for toilet roll craft ideas for kids, part II!

1. Toilet roll bees

Keep your little bees busy turning those loo rolls into super cute bumble bees! Buzz over to Easy Peasy and Fun for the full lowdown, and once you're done don't forget to have a chat with the kids about why bees are so important to the environment. We've also got a handy guide to cool gardening projects if you want to get outside with your small critters.

2. Shark

toilet roll craft
Photography: Gluesticks Gumdrops

Make a big splash with your little nippers thanks to this shark-tastic little number by Gluesticks Gumdrops.

3. Captain Underpants

toilet roll craft
Photography: The Craft Train

You'll definitely be a superhero in the kids' eyes when you bring this Captain Underpants toilet roll craft to the art table. Fly on over to The Craft Train for the full deets.

4. Rainbow windsock

toilet roll craft
Photography: Easy Peasy and Fun

We can't get enough of rainbow crafts so here's an easy peasy one by Easy Peasy and Fun: a rainbow windsock!

5. Bowling game

toilet roll craft for kids
Photography: Craftulate

The bowling alleys might still be closed, but that doesn't mean we can't make our own toilet roll version at home! Bowl over to Craftulate to find out how to roll with your rolls.

6. Castle pencil holder

We love a bit of upcycling, so can't wait to turn our own rolls into cool castle pencil holders. Watch the vid by Doodle & Stitch before whipping up your own mini masterpiece.

7. Star Wars characters

toilet roll craft
Photography: Hey, Wonderful

Young padawans will definitely be feeling the force when they turn toilet rolls into classic Star Wars characters. This lovely craft by Hey, Wonderful really is, we think, out of this world.

8. Alien hoopla

toilet roll craft
Photography: Tracy Tristram, London for Kidz

We had so much fun making this alien hoopla recently, that we just had to include it in our roundup. We used a cereal box covered in foil for the 'spaceship' base, painted toilet rolls and kitchen rolls to make the aliens, and cut some rings out of cardboard to finish off our crafty little game.

9. The Inside Out gang

toilet roll craft
Photography: Meaningful Mama

We don't know about you, but this lockdown lark has had our emotions whipping around all over the place: weird times for sure. Which is why we think this Inside Out character craft by Meaningful Mama makes for the perfect opp for us to have a chat with the kids about how they're feeling at the mo.

10. Pirate and parrot

toilet roll craft
Photography: Molly Moo Crafts

Ah ha me hearties! Time to roll out the rolls and sink an afternoon in craft galore with this treasure of a toilet roll craft (pictured top) by Molly Moo Crafts.

Top image: Molly Moo Crafts

Like this guide? Then we've got lots more crafty fun to be had:

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