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Trick or TREAT: 10 Halloween recipes for kids

Halloween snacks

If, like us, you have mini monsters who love Halloween and want to do something to mark the spooky occasion, why not whip up some fun Halloween treats and snacks and have your own creepy celebration at home seeing as we're allowed to mingle again? Here are 10 ghoulishly good ideas to get the fangtastic party started with...

1. Mummified toast

Halloween snacks
Photography: Spark Recipes

"Mummy, can you make me some toast?" Halloween will go down a screaming treat when you serve up a portion of mummified toast by Spark Recipes for brekkie!

2. Sugar skull cookies

Halloween snacks
Photography: Sugar Spice & Glitter

These cookies by Sugar Spice & Glitter are dead fun to make, and dead delish to eat.

3. Frankenstein marshmallow pops

We'll be Frank: we love these Frankenstein marshmallow pops (pictured top) by The Decorated Cookie.

4. Boo-nanas

Halloween snacks
Photography: Life in Pleasantville

Never has fruit been easier to sneak into our little terrors than with a cunning Halloween snack like these cute boo-nanas. Head over to Life in Pleasantville for the spooky lowdown on how to make them.

5. Hot dog fingers

Halloween snacks
Photography: She Knows

She Knows certainly knows how to hit the creepy spot when it comes to an easy but fun Halloween snack. Surprise the kids with some severed hot dog fingers in their lunchboxes (and then send your phone to voicemail if the teacher calls to tell you off!).

6. Pumpkin pretzels

Halloween snacks
Photography: Hungry Happenings

You and the wee monsters are far less likely to lose a digit creating these pumpkin pretzels by Hungry Happenings than by carving a traditional Jack O'Lantern. Plus these ones are way more edible and less likely to burn your house down. True dat.

7. Melon monster

halloween snacks
Photography: Hello Fresh

This melon monster by Hello Fresh is a sweet treat that packs the right kinda sugar rush punch when it comes to healthy Halloween snacks.

8. Cheese broomsticks

Halloween snacks
Photography: Foodlets

Halloween moods will be flying high thanks to these yummy pretzel and cheese broomsticks by Foodlets.

9. Silly apple bites

Halloween snacks
Photography: Fork and Beans

These apple bites may be called 'silly' in this easy peasy recipe by Fork and Beans, but it's anything but silly if you manage to trick your kids into a healthy treat this Halloween!

10. Monster pudding pots

Halloween snacks
Photography: Eats Amazing

How ridiculously cute are these monster avocado chocolate pudding pots by Eats Amazing? Almost too cute to eat, but eat them we will.

Top image: The Decorated Cookie

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