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Halloween 101: London for Kidz guide to spooky season 2022

We've been busy whipping up a whole heap of Halloween ideas, so read on for everything you need for a fangtastic fright-fest: yep, we give you the London for Kidz guide to all things Halloween.

Guide to DIY Halloween decor

Halloween guide
Kickstart spooky season with your own DIY decor. Photography: It All Started With Paint

First up you're going to need to decorate your crypt with a whole heap of DIY Halloween decor. Fear not! We've got craft ideas for the whole famalam to keep you busy with.

Guide to Halloween toilet roll craft

Halloween guide
Googly eyes at the ready for this craft guide! Photography: The Best Ideas for Kids

Okay, so the decor is looking good, but it's not really complete unless you turn your loo rolls into spiders, mummies and monsters...

Guide to pumpkin picking near London

Halloween guide
Go big or gourd home...

Not only is pumpkin picking a great photo opp (is there anything cuter than a toddler looking gourdgeous in a pumpkin patch?), but you'll pick up a pumpkin or two ready for carving those all-essential Jack O'Lanterns. Here's where you can get pickin' at patches near London.

Guide to autumn craft

Halloween guide
Go conkers with a spot of autumn craft! Photography: Messy Little Monster

Okay, this one is not strictly Halloween, but turning your conkers into spiders with this guide to autumn craft is kinda Halloween, and deffo a whole heap of fun.

Guide to Halloween snacks

Halloween guide
We'll be Frank: these are gruesomely good. Photography: The Decorated Cookie

We're creeping the sweet treats real with our own Halloween goodies this year. Get busy in the kitchen with our Halloween guide to spooky DIY snacks the whole fam will be dying to try.

Halloween guide to DIY costumes

Halloween guide
Make your own costumes this year, mummy! Photography: Polkadot Chair

You're all set: now all you need is a spooky outfit, and we've got a whole host of ideas to looking creepy and kooky with our Halloween guide to DIY costumes.

Guide to Halloween movies

Halloween guide
Fright night sorted!

The spooky preps are all done: Time to snuggle down with the kiddos whilst all wearing your Halloween finery and feast your eyes on a whole marathon's worth of spooky-but-not-too-spooky movies.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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