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Surviving post-holiday lockdown: 14 quarantine activities for the whole family

If you're one of the lucky ducks that didn't get their summer 2020 vacay cancelled, but are now facing the two week post-holiday mandatory lockdown, then you're going to need more than your beach memories to keep the family entertained for the next fortnight. We're with you every step of the way having just spent a glorious week in Mallorca, so here are the quarantine activities we'll be busy with each day in a bid to keep boredom at bay...

Day 1 - Pop on a family movie

quarantine activities

Aside from the obligatory unpacking of the suitcases and keeping the washing machine in constant use, we think day one is for unwinding. Settle into quarantine with a movie marathon and a whole heap of snacks (the post-vacay diet can start tomorrow).

Day 2 - Make a holiday scrapbook

quarantine activities

Before quarantine gets too tedious, and before the memories fade quicker than your tan, print out your photos and make a holiday scrap book with the kiddos. If you don't have a printer, the kids can break out the crayons and try drawing scenes of their fave vacay moments.

Day 3 - Dig out the board games

It's only day three so hopefully tempers are not too frayed and you all still like one another, so solidify the family feel goods and dig out your fave board games. Probably best not to pick anything too competitive if it's likely to shatter that harmonious equilibrium...

Day 4 - Break out the craft box

quarantine activities
Photography: The Best Ideas for Kids

With all this covid-crazy happening this year, we've been busy for months compiling heaps of craft guides. From toilet roll craft to rock painting ideas, upcycling projects to plastic bottle activities, we've got enough crafty fun to keep you busy not only on day four, but for an hour or two EVERY day. Pace yourselves people: that googly eye supply won't last forever!

Day 5 - Clear out the closets

Declutter your life and raid the closets and cupboards with your small helpers. It's amazing how many long forgotten toys and games there are lurking at the back of that wardrobe! It's also the perfect opp to go through all the clothes that no longer fit. Make it fun for the kids by getting them to do a fashion show using the bits and bobs you turf out.

Don't forget to ebay the stuff you can make some cash from, gather a pile of donations for when you can get to the charity shop, and recycle the rest. Then sit back and admire your tidy, clutter free cupboards. There's always the loft if you're feeling especially brave...

Day 6 - Make a bug hotel

quarantine activities

Your little critters will adore making their very own bug hotel! Not only is it a great craft activity, but it's also an awesome educational project and the whole fam will love watching the new 'guests' move in.

Day 7 - Whip up a themed meal

quarantine activities

You're halfway! Woohoo to that. Celebrate by recreating a themed meal from the country you were lucky enough to get to for that gorgeous holiday you were on just last week. The kids can help in the kitchen, they can lay the table and they can also create themed decorations for the occasion. A cooking and geography lesson rolled into one!

Day 8 - Go camping

quarantine activities

You might not be able to get into the great outdoors right now - or even outside your front door - but that doesn't mean you can't set up a camp site in your own garden. If you don't have a garden, or the rain just won't play ball, set up a camp in the house and spend the night in a homemade teepee / blanket fort. Family dogs also welcome.

Day 9 - If you can't beat them, join them...

quarantine activities

It's true we usually try and limit screen time as much as possible, but we'll be honest, we've been doing whatever it takes to get through these past months, which includes letting the kids spend wayyy more time than usual parked in front of the Xbox. So, why not find out what the addictive fuss is all about and join them for a game of Fornite? They'll love that you're joining in, and love it even more when you're rubbish. Learn how to Floss for extra brownie points.

Day 10 - Go old school

quarantine activities

Dust off the old classics: play hide 'n' seek, try some charades, revisit your colouring in skills and while away some time with a spot of pretend play: the perfect way to release your inner child while keeping your actual child full of smiles.

Day 11 - Visit a museum

quarantine activities

Okay, so we can't go to a real museum until quarantine is done and dusted, but, rather handily, there are tons of virtual museum tours and online activities we can entertain ourselves with. And the best part? No queues! Particular online faves include cool activities at Tate Kids, the virtual tours at the Natural History Museum, the 'explore the British Museum from home' initiative and the chance to see the 2016 Cosmonaut Exhibition at The Science Museum thanks to Google Street View.

Day 12 - Make your own playdough and slime

quarantine activities

Turns out that playing with playdough and slime is rather therapeutic. And after 12 days of solid staying home, therapeutic is essential! Why not up the activity ante and make your own playdough and then make your own slime for good measure?

Day 13 - Have a teddy bear's picnic

quarantine activities

Whether it's in the garden or on the living room floor, the kids will love setting up a teddy bear's picnic! Dress up in your finery, get the kids to make some invitations and then host the stuffed toy party of the year.

If your little ones are not so little anymore (sad face), then dust off your best china and create a tea party instead: don't forget the cucumber sarnies! Pinkies up.

Day 14 - Get ready for school!

quarantine activities

And that, folks, is a wrap! You made it! Now collectively pat yourselves on the back and get ready for the next adventure: the new school year! Get the kids to pick out their new bags / stationery / lunch boxes, etc, online, and dig out their old uniforms to see what fits and what doesn't. Label stuff, pack stuff, buy stuff, make lists and then grab yourself a large glass of wine for a job well done. Not only did you survive two weeks of quarantine, but also months of homeschooling AND also the school holidays. In fact, have the whole darn bottle. You deserve it.

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