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Fun alert! 30 things to do this half term!

Updated: May 19, 2022

While it might seem like the kids just went back to school, it is indeed almost time for another round of school holidays. Luckily we've got a heap of inspo going on in our guide to 30 things to do in the June half term for whippersnappers of all ages. You're welcome.

  1. Download one of our free, printable scavenger hunts.

  2. Get back into London and check out the best museums for kids.

  3. Discover Geocaching: family fun in the great outdoors at its best!

  4. Hang out at an animal sanctuary or farm.

  5. See if you can find the last of the bluebells before they leave town once and flor-al.

  6. Start planning your next vacay, starting with our guides to the Lake District, narrowboating with kids and, it you're feeling adventurous, Fiji, a dream skiing holiday or a trip to Lapland to meet FC this year.

  7. Turn all those old toilet rolls into craft opportunities.

  8. Whip up a storm in the kitchen with these easy recipes for kids.

  9. Treat yourself to afternoon tea.

  10. Cosy up for an afternoon of classic family movies.

  11. Turn your trash into treasure with our guide to upcycling activities.

  12. Make your own playdough.

  13. Turn plastic bottles into masterpieces.

  14. Have a squidgy, squelchy, sensory play day.

  15. Paint some rocks using our guide for some inspo, and then place them around your local park for people to find.

  16. Bring back rainbows to your homes, starting with this guide to rainbow craft.

  17. Surprise the kids with a quirky kinda day out in London.

  18. Take your dog for a walk, and if you don't have a dog, borrow one.

  19. Have a family competition to see who can come up with the best smoothie recipe. Cheat sheet right here...

  20. Banish boredom with a board game or two. Hop into this guide for some of our faves.

  21. Have a think about ways that you can become more eco-friendly as a famalam.

  22. Turn cardboard boxes into trains, TVs and fish tanks!

  23. Make your own slime.

  24. Take a wander around London's best country parks. And if you don't live near London, discover the ones in your area.

  25. Order some washi tape and then create your own washi tape masterpieces.

  26. Break out the googly eyes and get busy with these arty boredom busters.

  27. Check out our guide to the Tower of London, and then get yourselves over there to check it out for real.

  28. Spend half term ticking off all the ideas on school holiday craft list.

  29. Make lunch together every day, using these easy peasy ideas.

  30. At the end of the week, get back into school mode with these educational but fun documentaries.

Have fun, people!

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